Gonzales Beach, Victoria BC

Posted by avatar on January 23, 2014

WOW! Gonzales Beach is beautiful! When I lived on the island many moons ago I use to come to the beach to chill. A decade later to took Jake and Sammy there while I was visiting a friend who is so lucky to live so close to such beauty. The beach is shaped like a horse shoe and though not a long run for the dogs but long enough for them to chase the ball, take a dip in the ocean and meet up with other dogs to romp with. The houses that line the beach are just gorgeous and many have very interesting driftwood fences a must see for the photographer in you.

The dogs had a blast meeting new dogs and romping in the sand. I’m sure during the summer months this beach is packed with beach goer’s and I don’t know if your pooch can go off leash during this time. If you’re thinking of visiting the island or you just moved there with your pooch, this is a must visit beach.


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Gonzales Beach