HWY Pee Break!

Posted by avatar on December 5, 2013

New Brighton Park. Just off the #1 HWY, coming West it’s the McGill exit and take the first set of lights, turn right. Coming East along McGill, towards HWY#1 take the last set of light before you hit the HWY just after the PNE, turn left.

It’s a great place for a pit stop dog walk before going on or coming from a long road trip or make it apart of one of your furry friends favourite places. Located on the water you have a wonderful open park area and some water fun. Although there is a sign that dogs are not allowed on the beach. During the Spring, Fall and Winter months when there are fewer people around you can sneak a little ball toss in the water for them 😉

The Summer is a super busy time for this park as it also has a public pool so walk times are better in the summer  months early morning or  later evening.

The views of the North Shore from this park are amazing. Well ok there is a bit of industry but it seems to be masks by the beauty of the North Shore Mountains.

Its not a large park, but you can do loops to poop the furry beasts. Enjoy the pics!








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