Long Car rides!

Posted by avatar on February 13, 2014

My Husband and I decided to head up to our Cabin just North of Kamloops this past weekend. We also had a little smoochie Pepper girl that we were babysitting. We load up the truck, dogs and all and off we go. Now Sammy J has always been car sick and you would think by now and how often he is in a car he would be over but noooo.

We do everything to try and make him comfortable. We raise his bed so he can see forward, we don’t feed him until he gets to the destination, for fear of projectile vomit. No matter what we do he  still he salivates, drools to the point that his bed ends up being a pool of doggy drool wetness, YUCK!.

On our way home however things changed :D. We did all the usual tricks but this time Pepper the super cute Rat Terrier cuddled up next to Sammy J and there they lied together in harmoney. I have to say it was cuteness overload. I guess I have to get another dog or a hot water bottle next time.

We, Dogs all had a fabulous time romping in the snow in a beautiful winter paradise.



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