Lynn Headwaters BC = Paradise

Posted by avatar on February 22, 2014

Lynn Headwaters is a piece of Paradise! Located on the North Shore in Vancouver BC, it’s home to one of the most amazing trails. For those of you who don’t like the climb of a hike this is the perfect place. You have the option to take a nice long straight away. Or you can find an hiking trail that takes you to the upper level and back down, reconnecting onto the straight path. The dogs just LOVE it here. So much to smell, seek, chase, and of course pee on. You do need to be aware of the warning signs of Bears, Cougars and Coyotes, which is usually posted at the beginning of your trail walk/hike. Walking along the straight wide path, you take in the huge tree’s and breath the wonderful smelling fresh air. The path winds with the river and it’s so glorious. During the winter months there are not as many people or shall I say tourists. This time of year there are more locals who are really into fitness. The Summer months this area is packed with tourist, families and the locals. On a sunny day it’s an overload of mother earth and how truly blessed we are to be able to experience her glory. For those of you who are not from Vancouver and would like to visit, please take the time to see this area, you will not be disappointed.


Directions HWY 1, take Lynn Valley Exit. Take Lynn Valley Road all the way NORTH till you hit a 3 way stop (corner store on your left) and keep going straight. There is a T in the road, stay to the left. Follow road to parking. You can try and get parking at the end of the road, if that’s full there are 3 other parking lots.

*Note – You can also get some of the freshest Spring water in the world 😀

Hope you enjoy the pics, Jake, Sammy and I tried our hardest to capture the beauty of this beautiful place.

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