New Doggy Park – Kings Mill Walk on the North Shore

Posted by avatar on December 13, 2013

I had to take our truck in for service very early this morning….So I thought I would look online and see if there were any dog parks around…a kinda 2 birds with one stone moment. To my surprise there was (the area is Auto Mall), so off we go. Drop the Truck off, service guy says it will be ready in 2 hours…OY what the heck, I sure hope this trail is two hours long :0

The service guy says the trail entrance is between Ford and Acura, off we go. We hit the trail turn right and follow the signs. You can go left as well. The trail, on one side is a school and on the other is a river, where there is still a lot of industry..maybe fishing not sure. Its about a 5 min walk and then the trail opens up right behind the school, to a off leash doggy run. Taking me back to my days in New York. This run is beautiful. Right on the water and I’m sure during the summer months or sunny days this is a great place to sit and watch the boats in the water or the  great view of Downtown Vancouver. The Run is not that long and not very wide…although it does run along the water for those pooches who love water.

The trail does continue on towards a marina and then stops, it’s not 2 hours worth of trail, that’s for sure. I would say you could do the whole thing in 1 hour. Of course we stayed mostly in the doggy run area as it was busy with a lot of dogs.

This park I would suggest if your visiting or living on the North Shore and need a quick place to run your dog and or get your Dog socialized, Great for that!

Enjoy the Pics