Seymour Demonstration Forest – North Vancouver

Posted by avatar on November 6, 2014

Fall is here! And even though it’s been raining Cat’s and Dogs here in Vancouver, the sun did make a  brief appearance last weekend. So we decided to take the dogs  to the Seymour Demonstration Forest in  North Vancouver. This park or forest area is HUGE. So many beautiful off leash trails. After days of rain and the dogs not getting a full run, they went bananas on the trails. So much to sniff, chase, pee and poo on :). This is a fabulous area to go for walk with or without dogs. There are many stops you can make along the the drive up once you’ve entered the forest area, but we drove to the very top just before the gate and parked in the lot to the right of the gate. When facing North we walked to right of the parking lot and found the start of a trail. It was a steep walk down that then evened out along the river. Once you hit the Bridge you can either go across it and keep going or what we did is loop back to the parking lot. That trail walk took about an hour and 45 min. I highly suggest you check it out, especially on a beautiful fall day. The tree’s were just glorious. I give this trail a 10 out 10.



The beginning of the trail


Jake posing for me


Cool Tree


Sammy the log model


A doorway to a forest unknown


The Bridge up ahead

photo 1

The 3 amigos by a water fall

photo 2

The 3 amigos again at the top of some stairs – Look at those happy faces 🙂