The Story of Sammy (AKA pisser pants, stinky face)

Posted by avatar on March 3, 2014

The story of Sammy is a happy one because he too was rescued but the first year of his life was HELL. Sammy’s came from a Puppy Mill situation, better known as hell on earth for dogs. We don’t know and likely never will know exactly what happened but he and a Teacup Yorkie escaped. They were in rough shape…Sammy was so matted he could not see or poop, malnourished, long clawed paws he and Missy just looked defeated. Missy (who is now with my Parents in Toronto) was in the same sad state. We took them in and started the extremely hard process of getting them to be dogs again. Any of you who have rescued a puppy mill or hoarding situation animal will understand, it is unlike any other rescue. It’s the hardest because they really don’t know how to be dogs. They don’t know how to eat, walk on a leash, poop/pee. It took  a year before life and the house was normal again. Sammy and Missy were also so bonded that it was hard to socialize them with other dogs. We finally decided to give Missy to my Parents as she needed to be with someone 24/7, and my Parents are retired. They love her so much and she is their Princess.

Today Sammy is a well adjusted dog. He has a quirky personality and he still pee’s on bags 😀 but all in all he is just perfect. Jake and Sammy tolerate each other but there is no LOVE there. I think they like each others company but you will never see them playing together. Well you will see Jake trying to herd Sammy, which Sammy HATES.

Oh and Sammy is either a Havanese or a Multi Poo we are not sure. We are sure of one thing ….we are happy to have given them a new home with a warm bed and lots of love.


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