Charlene EberleThis site was created after years of having friends and family ask me questions about dogs and cats. Now I can blog online and share this with you.

I’m not a Vet, nor am I going make any claims here. I’m just a girl who has had many animals in her life. From the SPCA, Puppy mills to Mexican rescues. The many wonderful years of pet ownership have given me some insight that I would like to blog about and share with you. Hopefully there is something useful to my readers.

Born In Toronto, Ontario, I call Vancouver my home after living here since 1994. I have a passion for all animals and have 2 dogs that my wonderful husband and I raise (you may see them in the gallery 😀 ).

Before the dogs, I had rescue cats and one special feline named Snowball (my very first rescue). Snowball was my best friend growing up, I wish we could have cats now but our Dog Jake (AKA Jakerman) likes to chase them too much.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope this site will been informative and at times inspirational.