Sandy Dunes – SMALL Square Bed

Price: $60.00

This amazing digital camo bed is great for cats and dogs.

Designed in New York. Made by hand in Canada with Eco-friendly non-toxic stuffing. The product is made with easily machine washable material.


Super comfortable and fashionable and Dogs and Cats love these beds!

This size will fit a medium sized cat or small dog (Beagle, Jack Russel, Frenchie)



Midnight – SMALL Square Bed

Price: from $120.00

Midnight, with black faux fur and ECO-friendly Non toxic stuffing.  Super comfortable and fashionable.

Easily machine washable and dryer friendly material.

Designed in New York. Made in Canada. Dogs Love them!



Galaxy Medium Round Bed

Price: from $0.00

The Galaxy – Grey purple faux swede with Grey faux fur.

Designed in New York. Made in Canada – Stuffed in Canada – 100% Canadian Made.

It’s easily machine washable/dryer material.

Stuffed by hand with Eco-friendly NON toxic materials.

Super comfortable and fashionable. For Dogs that like to snuggle.



Out of Stock

Cat Collar

Cat Collar
Cat Collar
Price: from $6.00$4.00

Single Size cat collar in purple, blue and pink.

3/8″ wide 8″-12″ long


Blue Bell Medium Round Dog Bed

Price: $0.00

The Blue Bell is a woven material with white faux fur.

Designed in New York. Made in Canada, Stuffed in Canada – 100% Canadian Made.

Easily machine washable material. Dryer friendly. Stuffed by hand with Eco-friendly NON toxic materials. Super comfortable and fashionable.


**Fits a Boxer, Whippet, Medium size dog

Out of Stock


Price: from $3.50

Each collar and leash takes two CR2016 or two CR2032 cell batteries that can easily be replaced. These batteries will last approximately 72 continuous hours; that’s equivalent to over three months of daily one hour walks!

The LED pet collar and leash manufacturer has many years and experience with LED collar and leash design.

Meeting international requirements, our collars and leashes are both CE and RoHS Certified.

CR2016 is used in extra small collars.

CR2032 is used in all other collars and leashes


Argyle Cat Collar

Argyle Cat Collars 2
Price: from $8.00$6.00

Single Size Collar for cats name Argyle (and other cats too).

3/8″ wide 8″-12″ long