New York City Pets Get Blessings

Posted by avatar on October 29, 2013

Since 1999, St. Michael’s Church has welcomed animals into its historic sanctuary for an annual event. The sounds of cats, dogs, birds, snakes, rabbits and other pets fills the room of the large Cathedral. The event happens every year on October 1, at St. Michael but throughout the month of October, hundreds of churches across the United States will hold animal blessing services. One of the biggest nationally has been held annually since 1985 at the Episcopal Cathedral of New York’s St. John the Divine.

Thousands of people along with animals of myriad shapes, sizes and colors pack the world’s largest Gothic cathedral for a joyous and solemn religious service that celebrates all living things. A procession of animals has included camels, oxen, horses and a golden eagle. You would think with all these animals the Churches would end up with a messy situation on their hands but there has never been an accident. I guess the Church vibe makes them behave 🙂

As the Blessing starts, one by one the animals march down the center isle towards the pew. The Blessings of Holly Water  has had some dogs drinking the  Holly Water that was intended to be sprinkled on them. I guess they wanted to be blessed inside and out 🙂 In addition to asking blessings for beloved pets, the service also is a timely reminder that many animals in the community are not so fortunate. And for those a collection is made just for them.

I love the life experiences here in New York. I love how much they love their dogs here. It’s been quite an experience here.


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Doggy Dental to Shiny Teeth

Posted by avatar on October 28, 2013

I was just hit with a lovely $1000.00 vet bill to clean my dogs teeth. This was my  bad because I gave up on the fight to clean my dogs teeth. To help you and myself avoid similar vet bills on something we can prevent, I though I would share some helpful hints from a vet website on how to brush you dogs teeth, something I am now trying to do myself :).

To introduce a fearful Fido or timid Tabby to the idea of dental care, start slowly and gradually. Dip a finger into beef bouillon (for dogs) or tuna water (for cats) and gently rub along your pet’s gums and teeth. The most important area to focus on is the gum line (the crevice where the gums meet the teeth), where bacteria and food mix to form plaque. Focusing on the gum line, start at the front of the mouth, then move to the back upper and lower teeth and gum areas. Once your pet is okay with a little bit of touching, gradually introduce gauze over your finger and rub the teeth and gums in a circular fashion.

When your four-legged friend can handle the gauze, try brushing with a toothbrush specially designed for pets or a very soft, ultra-sensitive toothbrush designed for people. The bristles should be held at a 45-degree angle to the tooth surface and be moved in an oval motion. Scrub in the gum line, as this is where odor and infection begin. Gradually add special dog/cat toothpaste (flavored with meat or fish), but never use people toothpaste or baking soda, as both will upset your pet’s stomach.

Use the following process to clean the inside surfaces of your pet’s teeth:

1.Place your hand over your pet’s muzzle from the top

2.Gently squeeze and push his lips on one side between the back teeth (to keep his mouth open)

3.Pull his head back gently so his mouth opens

4.Brush his teeth on the opposite side

5.Repeat this process for the other side

The entire process should only take a minute or two. If your dog or cat continues to resist, try gently wrapping him in a large bath towel with only his head sticking out. Above all, avoid overstraining and keep sessions short and positive. With plenty of praise and reassurance, your dental sessions can bring the two of you closer—a closeness that won’t be marred by the perils of dog breath.

Please always remember do your own research on how you can help your furry friends teeth.




New York You’re SOOO Poopy!

Posted by avatar on October 19, 2013

The one thing I’ve noticed over the past few months, being in New York,  is that there is dog poop and or poop smudges all over the sidewalks of New York. I mean not everywhere  (for the most part people do pick up after their dogs) but yes there is an abnormal amount of Poop/Smudge bombs on sidewalks throughout the city. As I walk to work staring down at the sidewalk making sure I don’t step in any. I realized the reason why there’s an abnormal amount of poop/smudge bombs on the sidewalks, its because most public grass areas are off limits to Dogs and it’s such a concrete jungle, the dog parks for the most part are concrete as well. Some dog runs (see George’s Dog run Blog) are dirt. And with 2 out of 10 people being dog owners and most parks being too far away for a morning a poop…the sidewalk just gotta do. Being a dog owner I pick up and I hate it when some owners don’t and sometimes you can’t pick it all up…and when you can’t it will always remind me of New York.



Those Who Help

Posted by avatar on October 18, 2013

There is a great rescue in Edmonton Alberta called Rescue 4 Life. They are the most amazing organization and need a little help. Their current vet bills are high and now the vet can no longer help them. If you could just give  $5.00 to help them save the dogs and cats of that area, it would make such a difference for their furry lives. With the winter coming R4L are even busier then ever, going out to the reserves to feed and shelter the hungry dogs and cats. Because this is one of the poorest area’s of Northern Alberta, the people there don’t have extra money to Spay/Neuter their pets. So the unwanted, mistreated are left to fend for themselves and thanks for R4L for caring so much. Please consider a Halloween, Christmas, Birthday donation for them this year.




Mark your calendars for Bark Park Howloween Party!

Posted by avatar on October 15, 2013

Check out Bark Park’s Halloween Party and celebrate all things yowlie. It’s being held at the Richmond Bark Park off leash dog park at the very south end of No. 3 Road in Richmond on Saturday, October 26th from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Dress your pet (or yourself!) in a ghoulish costume and come on by. Goodies for both pets and people will be served. Pet goodies donated by Bosley’s and Tisol’s.

October 26, 2013
2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Admission: $0


Weekend Wander

Posted by avatar on October 9, 2013

Washington Square, I stumbled upon this larger Dog run Called Georges. Located on the boarder of Washington square, near NYU. This run is a much larger or shall I say longer run then most I have seen so far. George’s dog run has larger dogs who you will see chasing balls and playing with one another. A little black pug sat like a human on the park bench watching the larger dogs play. Occasionally a squirrel would happen to be trying to cross the run in search of nuts and would get chased up the wall by the dogs. I shot a video but it doesn’t give the experience justice. Hope you enjoy though.

Have a great week everyone!


Walker, Boarder and more, Oh my!

Posted by avatar on October 8, 2013

Looking for a fabulous dog walker who also does boarding. Check out Ruff Stuff Dog Services.

I found these wonderful people Tracy & Erik back in 2004 when I rescued Jake from the SPCA. They are just simply fabulous. Your dog comes home after a long hike happy and pooped! Not only have they taken care of Jake, they also have walked our other dogs Cleo and Sammy J.All 3 dogs won their dog walker hearts. The walkers are trust worthy and treat the dogs like Kings or Queens. I can’t give this company enough praise. Ruff Stuff services most parts of Vancouver including parts of North and West Vancouver. And most recently opened up a Doggy day Care in East Vancouver!!

Check out their Website!
Ruff stuff