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From East to West

Posted by avatar on September 23, 2013

Hudson riverEastriverRiding the City Bike along the East River today and I came upon the cutest little doggy park. Large Squirrel and all. East River is more industrial and geared more towards the Piers but as I rode along, just before the Brooklyn bridge is where I stumbled upon this East River Dog run. I loved the little Bridge, Tree and Squirrel and I think the doggy’s did too.

As I rode back from the East River, towards the World Trade Center where I live… I rode past the Hudson River Doggy Run. This one designed with Fountains and sprinklers, and as always an area for the Doggy Owners to hang and watch them play.

Have a HAPPY Last week of September!


Yorkie in New Yorkie

Posted by avatar on September 6, 2013

Yorkie in New YorkieDog lovers visiting NYC…While walking around the crazy hustle and bustle of NY, take a moment to enjoy the little treasured doggy parks.

I find it really interesting that in the concrete world of NYC, you will find little doggie parks that are designed like a kids playgrounds but for dogs.
These mini dog parks have fountains, mini pools and some even have a mini Jungle gyms. These Small and Large dog runs can be found throughout the city, tucked in beside large parks or along the Hudson river.

As you pass by, you see happy furry faces with waggly tails, jumping around playing with their friends, while their owners chat over coffee.

Makes me miss my Jakerman and Sammy J so much, as I watch these dogs having so much fun.

Dog Bed designs are under way and I’m super excited…

I will be home soon enough, and get back on track with blogging about the Beautiful Doggie parks of Vancouver.