Merry Happy Holidays and New Year!

Posted by avatar on December 20, 2013

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you have read and supported Sammy and Stone this year. I’m looking forward to new products in 2014, Dog Beds, Collars, Leashes and more. So stay tuned for more from Sammy & Stone. Blogging will continue after Christmas but for now, it’s time to enjoy the holidays with Family and Friends.I wish you all a very Safe, Happy Merry Holiday Season.

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Dog Walkers and a Cat Sitter too

Posted by avatar on December 17, 2013

Looking for a Dog walker in the New Year?

Listed below are some local Vancouver Dog Walkers. Please always do your own research, as everyone needs are different. Once you’ve found a dog walker see how excited and or pooped they are. Like any Babysitter you need to make sure your dog is getting the most out of their daily outings.  The Dog Walking companies listed below pick up in Kits, East Van, but I’m not sure if all of them pick up on the North Shore so make sure to ask. Most companies do an introduction with you dog…Meaning they come to your home to meet your dog to get an idea of their character. Please remember to let your Dog Walker know if your animal cannot go off leash, has bad recall and is allergic to anything 🙂

East Van

Wet Nose K9 Care – We use them and I really like them and the owner Vince.

Ruff Stuff – Before I moved to East Van I used this company for years Tracy and Erik are fabulous.


Vancity Dogwalker –

Urban Tails for Cats! – If you need a cat sitter 😀 –

Canine Adventure –

Lucky Dog – – 










New Doggy Park – Kings Mill Walk on the North Shore

Posted by avatar on December 13, 2013

I had to take our truck in for service very early this morning….So I thought I would look online and see if there were any dog parks around…a kinda 2 birds with one stone moment. To my surprise there was (the area is Auto Mall), so off we go. Drop the Truck off, service guy says it will be ready in 2 hours…OY what the heck, I sure hope this trail is two hours long :0

The service guy says the trail entrance is between Ford and Acura, off we go. We hit the trail turn right and follow the signs. You can go left as well. The trail, on one side is a school and on the other is a river, where there is still a lot of industry..maybe fishing not sure. Its about a 5 min walk and then the trail opens up right behind the school, to a off leash doggy run. Taking me back to my days in New York. This run is beautiful. Right on the water and I’m sure during the summer months or sunny days this is a great place to sit and watch the boats in the water or the  great view of Downtown Vancouver. The Run is not that long and not very wide…although it does run along the water for those pooches who love water.

The trail does continue on towards a marina and then stops, it’s not 2 hours worth of trail, that’s for sure. I would say you could do the whole thing in 1 hour. Of course we stayed mostly in the doggy run area as it was busy with a lot of dogs.

This park I would suggest if your visiting or living on the North Shore and need a quick place to run your dog and or get your Dog socialized, Great for that!

Enjoy the Pics




The gift of giving

Posted by avatar on December 12, 2013


It’s that time of the year! The time when maybe you’re thinking of giving to a charity and don’t know who to give to. There are so many charities dedicated to helping cats and dogs, who do you choose? So I thought I would try and help…I wanted to share a few of my favorites in the hopes that you have it your heart to give to one of them, even a little can go a long way. Having a rescue is really hard and although at times rewarding, it still comes with a lot of sadness. Those who are dedicating their lives to helping animals are saints! Daily they see sick, abused, neglected, abandoned animals and often times they get there too late :(. Below is my list, please take a moment to check out their websites for more information.


BCSPCA – You can always drop off  Dry food, blankets, Leashes, Cat toys to a branch near you.

Van Orphan kitten rescue – They always love getting blankets, Toys , Flea medication.

Richmond Animal Protects Society- Located in Richmond

Rescue 4 life – Based out of Edmonton they help Animals in and around the reservations. Hugely involved in making sure animals don’t freeze to death over the winter months.

Horse rescue


The Bill Foundation – LOVE this rescue village! They are amazing


Soi Dog – WOW you want to help the dog meat trade and keep dogs off of peoples plates. Then this is your organization….JUST FABULOUS!





Lets Talk Food

Posted by avatar on December 10, 2013

Dog and Cat food….we are inundated with commercials asking us to make the right choices by buying their food.  And most commercial dog/cat food is really bad for their health. Being cheap and convenient at the grocery store may be appealing but if your dog get’s sick the VET bill will out weigh the cost of the cheap food you just bought.

There are some great local pet store’s that sell really good pet food and guess what….they actually care about your dog/cat’s health. These shops can help with your animals finicky eating,  allergies or recent diagnosis. Most even give you samples to make sure your animal will like the food before you go buying a huge case of it.

Tisol is my favourite but I don’t know if they are located across Canada.

Bosleys food is also good.

Cat and Dog shop located in Kitsalano. The lady there is a bit eccentric but she really cares about your pet.

I would look on line or go to a Pet Food store (that is not a Pet Smart) and ask the clerks to help you find the right food for your dog. Oh and don’t be shy to ask for samples.

Vegan friends – here are some great Vegan options for your animals.

Treats we all know how they LOVE their TREATS! 😀

Please stay away from products from China. Read your labels, if any of what you’re reading seems fishy and it’s not fish then don’t buy it. There are so many local animal treat products that are made with high quality ingredients. And best of all, you’re supporting your local economy. Local products are little more expensive but again won’t make your dog or cat sick.

Have a great week!photo 2


photo 1


HWY Pee Break!

Posted by avatar on December 5, 2013

New Brighton Park. Just off the #1 HWY, coming West it’s the McGill exit and take the first set of lights, turn right. Coming East along McGill, towards HWY#1 take the last set of light before you hit the HWY just after the PNE, turn left.

It’s a great place for a pit stop dog walk before going on or coming from a long road trip or make it apart of one of your furry friends favourite places. Located on the water you have a wonderful open park area and some water fun. Although there is a sign that dogs are not allowed on the beach. During the Spring, Fall and Winter months when there are fewer people around you can sneak a little ball toss in the water for them 😉

The Summer is a super busy time for this park as it also has a public pool so walk times are better in the summer  months early morning or  later evening.

The views of the North Shore from this park are amazing. Well ok there is a bit of industry but it seems to be masks by the beauty of the North Shore Mountains.

Its not a large park, but you can do loops to poop the furry beasts. Enjoy the pics!,-123.038163&spn=0.008537,0.018282&client=safari&oe=UTF-8&t=h&z=16&iwloc=A







photo 1photo NB1photo 3


Hadden Park Kits Beach

Posted by avatar on December 2, 2013

Jake and Sammy love this beach…Just love it! Situated in the trendy Kitsalano area of Vancouver.  Kits Point by the Maritime Museum. Its an off leash beach park that is loads of fun for the dogs. If your dog loves the water, they will just flip over this beach. Rain or Shine you will find friendly dogs bouncing and playing in the sand and water.,-123.152513&ll=49.275351,-123.152511&spn=0.003019,0.00457&t=h&z=18