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Strathcona Park – Vancouver BC

Posted by avatar on September 21, 2015

Strathcona Park lies along Prior Street between China Town and Commercial Drive. It’s a fair size park with lots of room to play baseball, soccer, it even has a small skate park. A great place if you have kids and dogs so both can play.

I maybe a bit bias about this park as I live close by and use it all the time. Our Dogs love it, they know every nook and cranny of it.  So much so that when they wander off, I know they’re fine.

Mornings as you wander around you’ll see elderly doing thai chi, moms with their babies and some runners. A group usually gathers of familiar faces with a chuck it in one hand and a coffee in the other. As the dogs play the adults watch while discussing current events. I always find it interesting that we know each other but only by our dogs names and yet talk as if we’ve known each other for a long time; which I guess we have but through our dogs.

Stratcona is a fabulous neighborhood filled with beautiful houses and great little coffee shops like The Union, Benny’s, Wilder Snail and Finches. Perfect on a fall day to take a stroll through after your time in the park.

Off Leash Hours Sunday – Saturday

5am – 10 am

5pm – 10 pm

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Grass for the LOVE of Grass

Posted by avatar on March 21, 2014

No not that kind of grass silly…Grass, the type that grows on your lawn or in the park. Why do Dogs and Cats like to eat grass? Jake likes to eat grass and throws up, Sammy eats grass all the time and never throws up. There is not that much info on Domestic cats and dogs, other then saying they may have an upset stomach but that’s not always the case either. They also found that wild Cats and Wolves in nature are known to eat grass and plants, 2% to 74% of their poop shows grass. So why do they eat grass? Some say they like to clean out their digestive track. Some say their food has not enough vegetable base. Some say they just like the taste. This is why some dogs and cats throw up after eating grass and some don’t. Eating grass is more prominent in dogs then cats, that’s because felines are more sophisticated :D. Bottom line of this million dollar question is it safe. The answer is YES! Regardless if your dog or cat throws up after they eat grass it is safe. It is actually believed that this grass eating trait was handed down from their ancestors the Wolf and Cougar. The only warning I would state is be sure the lawn your dog/cat is mowing down on has not been recently sprayed with any kind of pesticide. This could make them seriously sick. These days people have to display a sign stating that they have sprayed their lawn. Just be aware.

1083559.large dog-eating-grass jiu_rf_photo_of_cat_eating_grass my_weird_dog_eating_grass_by_lapetitebelge-d3kyc66


Rain or Shine Kits Beach is sooo

Posted by avatar on March 18, 2014

Gorgeous! We ventured to the boys favorite beach area that we use visit all the time when we lived in Kitsalano. Kits beach is located on the West Side of Vancouver not to be confused with the West End. Super Trendy area with great restaurants, coffee shops and boutiques. Kits is a great place in the summer months to chill by the beach with your best buddies. In the fall winter it’s a fun place to take your dog. I like to take them to the bottom of Stephens St, north of Point Grey Road, and take the stairs down to the beach, then walk west towards Jericho beach. You do need to know when the tide is out, if the tide is in you can’t walk all the way to Jericho. As you walk along this beach with the LARGE GORGEOUS homes above you, you discover some fine graffiti and beach glass and other dogs enjoying their beach adventure. There are lots of Birds, Kayaks, Wind Surfers and Kiters. The views of the Burrard inlet are filled with Mountains and well if you like the large Tankers then YES you will see many of those too. I think you would enjoy this dog walk rain or shine and again watch for the tide, then it’s a longer walk. Most of all bring your camera!,-123.1665779,17z

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Crab Park

Posted by avatar on January 8, 2014

Crab Park situated in the downtown lower east side, is a really cute surprise. The off leash area is at the east side of the park (not very large), but your dog can get the best of both water and grass worlds here. It’s a very small park packed with stunning views of the North Shore Mountains, Downtown and the Port. This park is great for a stroll or a dog who likes to chase the ball. It’s small so there is not much running area for humans, but great if you meetup with other dogs.

History Fact: The park was opened in 1987, and was named Portside Park as suggested to the Park Board by the Vancouver Port Authority who rendered the land for park purposes through a long term lease. A neighbourhood park committee- Create A Real Available Beach (CRAB) was active in supporting this greenspace and in 2004 and it was at that time the name was changed to CRAB Park at Portside.,-123.101335&spn=0.007712,0.018153&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-a&hq=crab+park&hnear=Vancouver,+British+Columbia&t=m&z=16


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New Doggy Park – Kings Mill Walk on the North Shore

Posted by avatar on December 13, 2013

I had to take our truck in for service very early this morning….So I thought I would look online and see if there were any dog parks around…a kinda 2 birds with one stone moment. To my surprise there was (the area is Auto Mall), so off we go. Drop the Truck off, service guy says it will be ready in 2 hours…OY what the heck, I sure hope this trail is two hours long :0

The service guy says the trail entrance is between Ford and Acura, off we go. We hit the trail turn right and follow the signs. You can go left as well. The trail, on one side is a school and on the other is a river, where there is still a lot of industry..maybe fishing not sure. Its about a 5 min walk and then the trail opens up right behind the school, to a off leash doggy run. Taking me back to my days in New York. This run is beautiful. Right on the water and I’m sure during the summer months or sunny days this is a great place to sit and watch the boats in the water or the  great view of Downtown Vancouver. The Run is not that long and not very wide…although it does run along the water for those pooches who love water.

The trail does continue on towards a marina and then stops, it’s not 2 hours worth of trail, that’s for sure. I would say you could do the whole thing in 1 hour. Of course we stayed mostly in the doggy run area as it was busy with a lot of dogs.

This park I would suggest if your visiting or living on the North Shore and need a quick place to run your dog and or get your Dog socialized, Great for that!

Enjoy the Pics




The gift of giving

Posted by avatar on December 12, 2013


It’s that time of the year! The time when maybe you’re thinking of giving to a charity and don’t know who to give to. There are so many charities dedicated to helping cats and dogs, who do you choose? So I thought I would try and help…I wanted to share a few of my favorites in the hopes that you have it your heart to give to one of them, even a little can go a long way. Having a rescue is really hard and although at times rewarding, it still comes with a lot of sadness. Those who are dedicating their lives to helping animals are saints! Daily they see sick, abused, neglected, abandoned animals and often times they get there too late :(. Below is my list, please take a moment to check out their websites for more information.


BCSPCA – You can always drop off  Dry food, blankets, Leashes, Cat toys to a branch near you.

Van Orphan kitten rescue – They always love getting blankets, Toys , Flea medication.

Richmond Animal Protects Society- Located in Richmond

Rescue 4 life – Based out of Edmonton they help Animals in and around the reservations. Hugely involved in making sure animals don’t freeze to death over the winter months.

Horse rescue


The Bill Foundation – LOVE this rescue village! They are amazing


Soi Dog – WOW you want to help the dog meat trade and keep dogs off of peoples plates. Then this is your organization….JUST FABULOUS!





Lets Talk Food

Posted by avatar on December 10, 2013

Dog and Cat food….we are inundated with commercials asking us to make the right choices by buying their food.  And most commercial dog/cat food is really bad for their health. Being cheap and convenient at the grocery store may be appealing but if your dog get’s sick the VET bill will out weigh the cost of the cheap food you just bought.

There are some great local pet store’s that sell really good pet food and guess what….they actually care about your dog/cat’s health. These shops can help with your animals finicky eating,  allergies or recent diagnosis. Most even give you samples to make sure your animal will like the food before you go buying a huge case of it.

Tisol is my favourite but I don’t know if they are located across Canada.

Bosleys food is also good.

Cat and Dog shop located in Kitsalano. The lady there is a bit eccentric but she really cares about your pet.

I would look on line or go to a Pet Food store (that is not a Pet Smart) and ask the clerks to help you find the right food for your dog. Oh and don’t be shy to ask for samples.

Vegan friends – here are some great Vegan options for your animals.

Treats we all know how they LOVE their TREATS! 😀

Please stay away from products from China. Read your labels, if any of what you’re reading seems fishy and it’s not fish then don’t buy it. There are so many local animal treat products that are made with high quality ingredients. And best of all, you’re supporting your local economy. Local products are little more expensive but again won’t make your dog or cat sick.

Have a great week!photo 2


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Goodbye New York….Hello Vancouver.

Posted by avatar on November 23, 2013

My time in New York City has come to an end.  I’m looking forward to getting back to blogging about Vancouver Dog Parks and starting my collection of Doggy beds and more. My Designs are now completed and I can officially say they were designed here in New York! Now I just need to find someone local to make them. I really want to keep everything here in North America…wish me luck 🙂

It’s been fun and exciting, hot and cold, loud and annoying, concrete and fashionable. I say goodbye to all the New York dogs and Hello to the Vancouver ones.

More to come….




Doggy Dental to Shiny Teeth

Posted by avatar on October 28, 2013

I was just hit with a lovely $1000.00 vet bill to clean my dogs teeth. This was my  bad because I gave up on the fight to clean my dogs teeth. To help you and myself avoid similar vet bills on something we can prevent, I though I would share some helpful hints from a vet website on how to brush you dogs teeth, something I am now trying to do myself :).

To introduce a fearful Fido or timid Tabby to the idea of dental care, start slowly and gradually. Dip a finger into beef bouillon (for dogs) or tuna water (for cats) and gently rub along your pet’s gums and teeth. The most important area to focus on is the gum line (the crevice where the gums meet the teeth), where bacteria and food mix to form plaque. Focusing on the gum line, start at the front of the mouth, then move to the back upper and lower teeth and gum areas. Once your pet is okay with a little bit of touching, gradually introduce gauze over your finger and rub the teeth and gums in a circular fashion.

When your four-legged friend can handle the gauze, try brushing with a toothbrush specially designed for pets or a very soft, ultra-sensitive toothbrush designed for people. The bristles should be held at a 45-degree angle to the tooth surface and be moved in an oval motion. Scrub in the gum line, as this is where odor and infection begin. Gradually add special dog/cat toothpaste (flavored with meat or fish), but never use people toothpaste or baking soda, as both will upset your pet’s stomach.

Use the following process to clean the inside surfaces of your pet’s teeth:

1.Place your hand over your pet’s muzzle from the top

2.Gently squeeze and push his lips on one side between the back teeth (to keep his mouth open)

3.Pull his head back gently so his mouth opens

4.Brush his teeth on the opposite side

5.Repeat this process for the other side

The entire process should only take a minute or two. If your dog or cat continues to resist, try gently wrapping him in a large bath towel with only his head sticking out. Above all, avoid overstraining and keep sessions short and positive. With plenty of praise and reassurance, your dental sessions can bring the two of you closer—a closeness that won’t be marred by the perils of dog breath.

Please always remember do your own research on how you can help your furry friends teeth.