Jake (AKA Romeo)

Posted by avatar on February 25, 2014

I few of you have been asking me to give you more info on Sammy and Jake, since they are obviously featured in my blogs.

The story Jake. I adopted Jake in Jan of 2004 from the SPCA in Vancouver, he was 5 months old. He was in a cage with a very upset Basset Hound and was licking the Basset hounds head to make he/she feel better. He was in the first cage and his shelter name was Romeo. I whispered to him “I have to give the other dogs a chance” and turn to a look at the other cages I walked around looking at all the sad doggy faces and wished I could adopt them all. As I  walked back towards Romeo’s cage, Romeo started to walking wagging his tail towards me and and licked my hand (tears) LOVE. I walked up to the front and handed in two names because I did feel I had to give other dogs a chance. The SPCA worker says well Suzie needs a lot of training, Romeo is a great dog and I think a better suit for you. She then let’s me take Romeo for a walk. He was just so perfect and I couldn’t  think that I would not leave without him and I did!. AS we got int my car I looked at him, me a single girl said..geesh i can’t keep your name. I looked at him and the first name that came to my mind was Jake. This Dog is the most amazing dog. Smart, independent, and Handsome :D. He has been my rock through single times, marriage, and so much more. I want to clone him. More to come stay tuned!


DSC02261 DSC02361 photo-44Jake as a PUPPY


Oh My You Have Stinky Breath

Posted by avatar on February 23, 2014

My Husband and I are always greeted in the morning by Sammy licking our faces. Sammy just waits for any movement to pounce on us. We love his morning ritual BUT man does he have stinky breath. Now I brush his teeth and even found an all natural Dog Mouth Spray at a dog show we went to last week. It does seem to work but spraying their mouths with it is not easy. My dogs act like I’m torturing them when i give them anything other then a treat. The smell I’m talking about here is a bit exaggerated as they don’t have any intestinal problems. And although they should have their teeth cleaned I do brush at least 3 times a week. I am hesitant to put them under for fear of them never waking. So I’ve decided I am going to try K9 gentle dental. I saw them at the dog show last week. Its a teeth cleaning with no anesthetic. I’m wondering if anyone has tried it?. Seems to be all the rage but what if your dog really needs serious dental work? They boast that its a highly trained vet tech who does it and can will let you know if the Dog  teeth or doable with no anesthetic. I wonder if this could apply to cats too? Well more research is needed and I will let you know how it goes…for now I’m off to spray their mouths 😀


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Lynn Headwaters BC = Paradise

Posted by avatar on February 22, 2014

Lynn Headwaters is a piece of Paradise! Located on the North Shore in Vancouver BC, it’s home to one of the most amazing trails. For those of you who don’t like the climb of a hike this is the perfect place. You have the option to take a nice long straight away. Or you can find an hiking trail that takes you to the upper level and back down, reconnecting onto the straight path. The dogs just LOVE it here. So much to smell, seek, chase, and of course pee on. You do need to be aware of the warning signs of Bears, Cougars and Coyotes, which is usually posted at the beginning of your trail walk/hike. Walking along the straight wide path, you take in the huge tree’s and breath the wonderful smelling fresh air. The path winds with the river and it’s so glorious. During the winter months there are not as many people or shall I say tourists. This time of year there are more locals who are really into fitness. The Summer months this area is packed with tourist, families and the locals. On a sunny day it’s an overload of mother earth and how truly blessed we are to be able to experience her glory. For those of you who are not from Vancouver and would like to visit, please take the time to see this area, you will not be disappointed.,-123.020697&spn=0.030805,0.072613&hnear=Lynn+Headwaters+Connector,+North+Vancouver,+British+Columbia+V7K&t=m&z=14

Directions HWY 1, take Lynn Valley Exit. Take Lynn Valley Road all the way NORTH till you hit a 3 way stop (corner store on your left) and keep going straight. There is a T in the road, stay to the left. Follow road to parking. You can try and get parking at the end of the road, if that’s full there are 3 other parking lots.

*Note – You can also get some of the freshest Spring water in the world 😀

Hope you enjoy the pics, Jake, Sammy and I tried our hardest to capture the beauty of this beautiful place.

image-34 image-33 image-32 image-31 image-30 image-29 image-28 image-27 image-26







Cat vs Dog attitude!

Posted by avatar on February 16, 2014

It still perplexes me the Cat vs. Dog attitude. Jake LOVES chasing cats ….like LOVES. So the other day we are in the park and this bruiser of a cat come waltzing into the park. It was suddenly like the the world stopped for the dogs…Clint Eastwood (I’m giving the cat this name) keeps walking into the park whilst the dogs just stop in their tracks staring wagging their tails, like ewww lookie what we have here.  Out of the gate runs Jake full bore towards the cat..FULL TILT BOOGIE! Clint Eastwood stops and poof goes its tail, up goes its back. Jake running full tilt tackles the cat. Clint takes his catboy stance and scratches the shit out of Jake’s faces. Jake then runs away whaling like a baby. Clint the cat still with poof tail and arched back looks towards the other dogs 3 (including Jake), like who’s next. They watch Jake whimper and rub his nose into the grass and immediately they tuck their tails under themselves, and cower. Clint the cat continue to walk on like the winner he is. As the cat continues on the dogs watch with such intense I don’t want to get hurt look, all you can do is laugh. Dog survived, Cat definitely survived. Did Jake learn his lesson HELL no! Will he chase after a cat again HELL yes. Clint the Cat won and I admire the tenacity of Clint the cat….I wish I had that kind of hutzpa.

I decided to do some research to see if indeed there was some kind of history, theory behind the cat and dog relationship and I found really nothing. I did find that there are more dogs and cats that live harmoniously. I think that some dogs like the chase 😀

images th-1 th-2images





Long Car rides!

Posted by avatar on February 13, 2014

My Husband and I decided to head up to our Cabin just North of Kamloops this past weekend. We also had a little smoochie Pepper girl that we were babysitting. We load up the truck, dogs and all and off we go. Now Sammy J has always been car sick and you would think by now and how often he is in a car he would be over but noooo.

We do everything to try and make him comfortable. We raise his bed so he can see forward, we don’t feed him until he gets to the destination, for fear of projectile vomit. No matter what we do he  still he salivates, drools to the point that his bed ends up being a pool of doggy drool wetness, YUCK!.

On our way home however things changed :D. We did all the usual tricks but this time Pepper the super cute Rat Terrier cuddled up next to Sammy J and there they lied together in harmoney. I have to say it was cuteness overload. I guess I have to get another dog or a hot water bottle next time.

We, Dogs all had a fabulous time romping in the snow in a beautiful winter paradise.



Jake image-2image-2 copy image copy




Quarry Rock – Baden Powel Trail

Posted by avatar on February 7, 2014

I’m a bit ashamed to say as a dog owner that I just discovered this amazing trail. A friend and I went there this week, she had been there before and I was blown away. Just amazing! It is a hiking trail so be warned there is a lot of upward climb but the pay off is at the top when you reach the rock. WOW! is all I could say. A very old quarry once stood there many years ago and now is home to hikers and sightseers. Depending on how fast of a upward hiker you are, it can take about an hour to hike up and and 1/2hour down. There were Mommy groups, Retired folks and Dogs all taking this wonderful trail. On a Gorgeous Vancouver day this is a must for you to check out. Oh and don’t forget to have a look at the lovely restaurants and shops of Deep cove.,+North+Vancouver,+Greater+Vancouver,+British+Columbia&t=m&z=14


image-24 securedownload image-23 image-20 image-17 image-16



Pacific Spirit Park (UBC)

Posted by avatar on February 4, 2014

Pacific Spirit Park sees an average of 360,000 dog visits per year. That’s a lot of dogs taking a sniff in this beautiful park. Nestled in the University Endowment Lands, West of the city and it’s HUGE!

The park has these  beautiful meandering trails for Runners, Bikers, Walkers, Horse Riders and Canines. As you walk along the trails under these massive tall trees you are just mesmerized by natures beauty. The Trees are so gorgeous, draped in moss, it’s such a wonderful sight.

It is also home to songbirds, woodpeckers, hawks, eagles, owls, jays, fox’s and coyotes. Small dog owners should be wary and put their dog on leash when an Owl is seen. The Coyotes are usually hiding  in the  dense forest areas. Always be a little more alert especially if you have a small dog.

Also make sure to remember what trail you’ve taken. Often times I have not paid attention and have had to walk a fair distance back to my car. You and your dogs will be pooped after an hour in this park beacuse there is just so much for you and them to check out.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5,-123.221927&spn=0.015434,0.036306&t=m&z=15