Old Dogs are the best!

Posted by avatar on March 2, 2017

As I deal with getting old myself, I see my best friend aging too.  Like me his tolerance for young people is limited. I feel bad for the young pups at the park who want to play with Jake and are met with an old man snap. Most likely due to him protecting his painful hips. He has more lumps and bumps now but loves to chase the ball like he did when he was a pup. He moves slowly after a good run and heads straight to his bed but is smiling because he chased and caught the ball every time. Having an old dog also teaches you patience and to have a few on hand items in your fridge or cupboard for when they are feel off.

Somethings that I have learned to have at home for my Old Man Jake are. 

Acidophilus – This is great to have on hand for when their tummy are having issues. Obviously if the symptoms continue you should see a vet. Sometimes though if your dog is old like mine it helps their bellies. 

Glucosamine – You may need  to try a couple of brands to make sure it can be ingested properly via treat style, or tablet so don’t give up on the search. I makes a huge difference for them.

Hot water Bottle – Sometimes when its really cold and damp I put a hot water bottle in his bed under the pillow to keep him warm.

Baby Aspirin – Do not use ADVIL. Baby Aspirin should only be used very very moderately. Usually used in cases where your dog is in pain right before their vet appointment.

Food – Don’t change their food or try not to change their food. Their stomachs are so sensitive in their old age very similar to when they are puppies.

Activity – Try and keep them active only to what they can do. Over walking or over stimulating may not be good for them. Everything in moderation. Remember they can’t speak so they maybe in pain but you don’t know.

Teeth – Try and clean their teeth as much as you can. They are way more susceptible to dental work like tooth decay, tooth abscesses and tooth loss.

Vet – Get them check for their lumps. You should also ask your vet what the difference is between a fatty tissue lump and a serious lump. Fatty tissue lumps are really normal in an old dog so you don’t want to be going to the vet every time you find a fatty tissue lump.

FUN!!! – Enjoy every minute with you old dog because it will be so hard when that day comes to say good-bye.

The memories we have shared together are priceless and I only wish he could be around for another 14 years. Taking everyday of his old age one day at time.