Macdonald Beach Park (Airport)

Posted by avatar on March 30, 2014

WOW what a miserable day we had here today but me and the boys headed out to another Dog Park anyways. MacDonald beach located by the Vancouver Airport. This beach runs along the beginning part of the Fraser River. You can do the trail walk or the River walk. We chose the River walk, maybe next time we will do the trail. The wind and rain were very strong today so we were alone for most of the walk but soon ran into other die hard dog walkers. This park hosts a lot of dog walking companies and one of my favorites called Ruff Stuff. Sammy and  Jake LOVED chasing each other around even though it was COLD and RAINING. Up and down the logs they ran. I think on a sunny day this place would be even better. The River walk is not that long but if you’re lucky and get to catch up with other dogs then its so worth it. Watching them chase each other all of the beach is quite a giggle. This Beach is rated a 5 and I would also rate it a five. This is a great off leash park for the dogs to run…and is very dog friendly.,-123.1671543,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x54860b348627a39b:0xba68ccac86348084


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Fraser Foreshore Park

Posted by avatar on March 25, 2014

I love this park or shall I say pathway. Located at the bottom of Byrne Road in Burnaby BC. This park’s pathway takes you along the Fraser River for 3.9 km. If you’re a bird watcher or photographer, you would love this place even more. As you walk along the path with the old huge willow tress above you cascading into the river you feel like you have left the city behind. The people you meet are super friendly and there are a lot of people walking their dogs. I even saw a girl walking her cat…thank gawd I saw her before Jake did or he would have jetted after the Black feline. There are great places to picnic along the way. Watch for the signs that dogs are not allowed in the picnic areas but if your dog(s) are on a leash that’s fine. Sammy and Jake loved taking pit stops along the way to go have a dip in the water.  It’s a nice walk not a hike you could go back and forth if you wanted more exercise for you and your pooch. I would suggest checking this area out now before the summer months as I have a feeling it will be packed on those hot days. Oh and bring a towel your dogs will get dirty 😀,-122.997124,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x5486760111ae0ae5:0x5587199eb88a23b4

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Grass for the LOVE of Grass

Posted by avatar on March 21, 2014

No not that kind of grass silly…Grass, the type that grows on your lawn or in the park. Why do Dogs and Cats like to eat grass? Jake likes to eat grass and throws up, Sammy eats grass all the time and never throws up. There is not that much info on Domestic cats and dogs, other then saying they may have an upset stomach but that’s not always the case either. They also found that wild Cats and Wolves in nature are known to eat grass and plants, 2% to 74% of their poop shows grass. So why do they eat grass? Some say they like to clean out their digestive track. Some say their food has not enough vegetable base. Some say they just like the taste. This is why some dogs and cats throw up after eating grass and some don’t. Eating grass is more prominent in dogs then cats, that’s because felines are more sophisticated :D. Bottom line of this million dollar question is it safe. The answer is YES! Regardless if your dog or cat throws up after they eat grass it is safe. It is actually believed that this grass eating trait was handed down from their ancestors the Wolf and Cougar. The only warning I would state is be sure the lawn your dog/cat is mowing down on has not been recently sprayed with any kind of pesticide. This could make them seriously sick. These days people have to display a sign stating that they have sprayed their lawn. Just be aware.

1083559.large dog-eating-grass jiu_rf_photo_of_cat_eating_grass my_weird_dog_eating_grass_by_lapetitebelge-d3kyc66


Rain or Shine Kits Beach is sooo

Posted by avatar on March 18, 2014

Gorgeous! We ventured to the boys favorite beach area that we use visit all the time when we lived in Kitsalano. Kits beach is located on the West Side of Vancouver not to be confused with the West End. Super Trendy area with great restaurants, coffee shops and boutiques. Kits is a great place in the summer months to chill by the beach with your best buddies. In the fall winter it’s a fun place to take your dog. I like to take them to the bottom of Stephens St, north of Point Grey Road, and take the stairs down to the beach, then walk west towards Jericho beach. You do need to know when the tide is out, if the tide is in you can’t walk all the way to Jericho. As you walk along this beach with the LARGE GORGEOUS homes above you, you discover some fine graffiti and beach glass and other dogs enjoying their beach adventure. There are lots of Birds, Kayaks, Wind Surfers and Kiters. The views of the Burrard inlet are filled with Mountains and well if you like the large Tankers then YES you will see many of those too. I think you would enjoy this dog walk rain or shine and again watch for the tide, then it’s a longer walk. Most of all bring your camera!,-123.1665779,17z

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Mcspadden Park East Vancouver

Posted by avatar on March 14, 2014

This cute little park located along Victoria Ave, just east of Commercial drive, is a great park for Family’s and Dogs. There is a small little play area for the kids,  tennis courts and a large wide park to throw the ball for the pooch. The people there are super friendly and so are the dogs. IF your dog has bad recall I would not suggest taking your dog off leash as this park is close to a main and somewhat busy street.

The surrounding neighborhood of East Vancouver is super cute. I just love the old homes that line the back end of the park. Jake LOVED it because I threw the ball for him. Jake is a ball obsessed dog but if he chases the ball to much he hurts later so we have to do it moderation now since he’s getting older. Sammy loved it to for the EAR DIVING into smelly goose poo and he like chewing on the grass. If you’re new to East Vancouver and have a family or a dog or both, check it out.

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Posted by avatar on March 12, 2014


I’m sure they are out there but hard to find….a Dog or Cat who doesn’t like TREATS!

My dogs are obsessed with treats. If they meet someone in the park with treats in their pocket, Jake is all over them.  The Downside to Treats is they can make your animal fat….like humans too much of a good thing is not so good for the health. So what to give, how much and what kind is the million dollar question. I don’t know the answer…but I did go to a great dog show and found the following products that Jake and Sammy think are great, with very good health ingredients! And best of all they are made here in Canada 😀 – The Sardines are great for both Cats and Dogs

photo 1  –Beef Jerky

photo 3 – All kinds and can be found at Tisol and I do believe they have a cat line as well.

photo 2

I’m not too knowledgeable on cat treats so if you know of any good ones that I can add to this blog please send me a message on the Sammy and Stone Facebook Page –

photo A Begging Sammy Samsters 😀





Spanish Banks Off Leash Beach….FUN TIMES!

Posted by avatar on March 10, 2014

After a day of torrential rain pour yesterday is was so nice to see the sunshine again. Everyone was out walking and having wonderful smiles on their faces. I decided to head over to the off leash area of Spanish Banks. It’s located at the westerly tip of the Jericho/Spanish Banks area. Basically at the end of the vast sprawling beach side park. I usually drive to the East Jericho side and walk the dogs to Spanish banks because it such a beautiful walk. Once you get close to the off leash area you really can’t miss it because there are clumps of happy running, bouncing, waggly, dogs just so happy to be at the beach. Sammy LOVES to go into the water only once and usually as soon as we get to the beach. After that he’s running around in the sand with the other dogs. Jake wants to chase a stick but only goes in so far. Now that he’s a senior he really doesn’t like going to far into the water to chase the stick anymore. Soon the two of them are running around finding playmates. Today Sammy really liked this large Box/lab mixed dog named Cooper. But Cooper not so much into Sammy.

All in all we had a fabulous time and a lovely walk in the sun. I highly suggest going to Spanish Banks now before the summer months kick in and then it’s just WAY to slamming busy down there.,-123.234437&spn=0.008456,0.018003&client=safari&oe=UTF-8&hnear=Jericho+Beach&gl=ca&t=h&z=16

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Clipping nails on a wiggle worm

Posted by avatar on March 7, 2014

As many of you animal owners know clipping a cat or dog nails of is not easy. It’s best to invest in good nail clippers for your cat or dog. For dogs it’s a really good idea to get your dog use to you touching their paws. Sammy is ok with us touching his paws (he even likes a paw message) Jake on the other hand HATES his being touched. So clipping Sammy nails is not as bad as Jakes. I wish I had know about getting Jake use to having his paws ouched sooner but now that he’s almost 11 that ship has sailed.

What do I do to get Jakes nails clipped….Well its a 2 day process, maybe if we’re lucky we can do it in a day.

1. I have to get the treats out. Most important even with Sammy he loves to get rewards for a good job, and who wouldn’t :D.

2. Make sure they have gone a good walk and are a bit tired to struggle.

3. Calmly with lost of praise lie down with Jake with clipper in hand, no fumbling as once you do you have lost the Chi to get the ball rolling.

4. Make sure to to touch the pawn firmly but not too hard. Firmly so they don’t recoil their paw as your aiming for a nail as that’s when an accident can happen.

5. Do it FAST, get small tops of the nail (see pics below for proper angle). You do not need to get a lot of the nail because then your in danger of clipping into the quick.

6. If you are successful with all the nails in one round, check them all and see if any other nail may need a tiny bit more clipped and get only those. This moment is traumatic , so you need to be precise an again FAST.

7. All the while you tell them good boy, girl, good kitty. Coo them with positive soft voice. This makes it less traumatic for them.

8. Once you done give them a treat!

9. Put the clippers away.

10. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done 😀

images-4 nail_trimming

images-2 images-3

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The Story of Sammy (AKA pisser pants, stinky face)

Posted by avatar on March 3, 2014

The story of Sammy is a happy one because he too was rescued but the first year of his life was HELL. Sammy’s came from a Puppy Mill situation, better known as hell on earth for dogs. We don’t know and likely never will know exactly what happened but he and a Teacup Yorkie escaped. They were in rough shape…Sammy was so matted he could not see or poop, malnourished, long clawed paws he and Missy just looked defeated. Missy (who is now with my Parents in Toronto) was in the same sad state. We took them in and started the extremely hard process of getting them to be dogs again. Any of you who have rescued a puppy mill or hoarding situation animal will understand, it is unlike any other rescue. It’s the hardest because they really don’t know how to be dogs. They don’t know how to eat, walk on a leash, poop/pee. It took  a year before life and the house was normal again. Sammy and Missy were also so bonded that it was hard to socialize them with other dogs. We finally decided to give Missy to my Parents as she needed to be with someone 24/7, and my Parents are retired. They love her so much and she is their Princess.

Today Sammy is a well adjusted dog. He has a quirky personality and he still pee’s on bags 😀 but all in all he is just perfect. Jake and Sammy tolerate each other but there is no LOVE there. I think they like each others company but you will never see them playing together. Well you will see Jake trying to herd Sammy, which Sammy HATES.

Oh and Sammy is either a Havanese or a Multi Poo we are not sure. We are sure of one thing ….we are happy to have given them a new home with a warm bed and lots of love.


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