New furry member of the family (Dog)

Posted by avatar on June 10, 2014

YAY!!! You just got a new fur baby. I would do a lot of research on dogs and bringing them up so you can handle them until they die of old age. Remember this new furry friend is for 14 + years and not just for now. There are thousand of books but as a dog owner for years I would suggest  just a few tips as food for thought.

Crate training  – Look it up and learn more about BUT do not do it excessively, meaning leaving your dog in the crate for the whole day. This could lead to your dog having anxiety. It’s a great way to teach them to tell you when they have to go to the bathroom, stop them from peeing in your house during the night, teaches boundaries. And give them a safe place to go when they want to be alone. Get a nice bed in there so it super comfy for them.

Socialization – Socializing your dog is super key. I know at first if you have a very young pup you have to be sure they get all their shots before you go to the park. Also  if they are going into day care Kennel cough shots are a must. They will meet up with an ALPHA dog but if you are all nervous about it so will your dog. They can feed off of your energy so be calm when in a dog park and if there is an aggressive dog , then walk away to another area . You will get to know the owners of other dogs in your area so soon it will be a breeze to take your pup to the park.

Bones – To keep your new pup or even more adult dog from being bored and eating your shoes give them a bone when you’re out. They are sold in the frozen section of most pet food places DO NOT give them chicken or splintery type bones. Only buy raw or coked bones that are sold at the pet store. They keep your dogs brain moving and keeps them from being bored.

Out for too long – A puppy can’t be left alone for too long so 2 – 4 hours max and they need to have a good run in the morning and someone to come walk them in the afternoon and again at night. Left in a crate all day could give them major anxiety issues and that will be a problem that could take time or something they will never get over. If you plan on leaving your pup alone for too long, please don’t get one. Like a human the brain and characters are forming. They need to be loved, trained and kept busy.

Toys – Best toys are ones that can’t be destroyed your puppy will eat everything. No no cheap rubber toys made in china, no stuffy toys that they can rip apart and eat the stuffing out of, the fibers around a tennis ball. All of these can send your pup to the vet costing you BANK $$$$. There are great toys to ask about at Tysol. As your dog becomes more adult the more you can be leaneante on toys.

Food – Buy good CANADIAN products NOTHING FROM CHINA! GO, NOW and First Mate are great Canadian products that don’t have a HIGH protein. Too much protein can cause Death in a dog, so please watch out for how high your protein content is.

Harness – Buy a Harness for your pup, they are going to pull and a collar will only dig into their neck and it hurts.

Training – Go to training classes and enjoy them, so will your pup. Pet Smart has classes, Tysol has classes just look it up and always go to “Group” classes you and your pup get to socialize and train = FUN!

Most of all LOVE your new Pup.  Be Patient, and enjoy the new people you will meet 🙂








The Dyke in Maple Ridge

Posted by avatar on June 5, 2014

Summer is here! What a beautiful day to go visit a friend who lives in Maple Ridge BC. After our visit I decided to take the dogs to the Dyke. It was so beautiful..The Dyke path that we walked along runs through some vast farmland with gorgeous mountain views. There was a lot of horse poop so I would imagine people take their horses down this same trail so just be on the look out. As you walk along the dyke you can hear this weird bird or frog noise…Not really sure but it was definitely coming from the lily pads in the Dyke. The dogs found a little pond and took a dip to cool off and then off course they ran down the dusty path to rub their wet furry bodies into horse poop and dirt, OH MY!. We only came upon 2 other dogs and their owners seem friendly but who can be grouchy on such a beautiful summers day.


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Spending One on One time

Posted by avatar on June 2, 2014

When you have more then 1 dog, it’s hard to divide your time. Even harder when one dog likes being the only dog. Now that we have 3, Jake really has a hard time sharing. So this weekend I decided to take him to the island to visit a friend and her son. Jake was super excited and knew exactly where we where going. When we arrived he leaped out of the car looking for my friend and her son. Licks and wags where a plenty and my friends son was super happy to see Jake. So for 2 solid days it was just Jake and I. He got to sleep with me (he can’t with D Dawg and Sammy already hogging the bed), he got all kinds of treats just to himself. He loved it so much it was no surprise once we got home he greeted by Sammy and D dawg with a growl. I feel for him because he is so an only child dog.

This morning was so cute though because Sammy missed Jake a lot and I watched Sammy inching his way closer to Jake, Jake ignoring one inch at a time.

Well back to a normal routine at our house…Growls a plenty.

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Fraser River Off Leash Dog Park

Posted by avatar on May 27, 2014

Fraser River Park is an adorable off leash park. It’s located in the up scale neighborhood of Shaughnessy. As you walk along the paths on one side is the Fraser River, the other is lined with large beautiful homes. You can park your car/truck in the parking lot which overlooks a large park area. Once you walk towards the river from the parking lot you will see the paths that will take you down to beaches. The walkways are lined with beautiful blooming trees this time of year. The dogs loved coming across the beaches where we met up with other friendly dogs and their owners. Follow the paths going east and you will come across an area that explains the history of the park (a must see). This would be a great place to go for a picnic and take the dogs. The sun was hot and glorious when we were there.

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Does your dog get mad?

Posted by avatar on May 12, 2014

Do you ever find that when you leave your dog to go away, he/she is super mad at you when you return?

That’s what just happened to us. When we go away we leave our dogs with my mother in law, who lives on 10 acres of land. For the dogs it’s like going to camp. Sammy and Jake just LOVE going there. This time though we went to get them and Jake did not want anything to do with us. And to top it off he shat in my shoes! He has never done this before. I know he is getting old and really likes his routine. I also know he is not too happy with us bringing in Dennis to foster as Jake likes to be the only dog. He’s not aggressive towards Dennis or Sammy, I just know he likes to be the only dog since he was the only dog for so many years.

He is now being himself again but I wondered to myself how many other people have a dog or cat that acts the same when left under someone else care for a week. Makes me feel so guilty 🙁


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Dog Groomers

Posted by avatar on April 15, 2014

How do you find a good dog groomer. Its like finding a good Vet. One you trust. One you like the cut they give your dog. One you know your dog is safe with. With all these media clips of groomers treating dogs poorly it makes you wonder?

I bought clippers myself years ago for Jake because Jake gets too hot in the summer and he needs to have his hair cut or he just can’t bear the summer heat. When we adopted Sammy I  gave him a groom but I am terrible at it. Sammy needs a professional where Jake just needs a buzz cut. I started my search and asked people at the doggy parks where they took their dogs and I was a slightly surprised.

SPCA on East 7th was one that alot of people seem to use – http://www.spca.bc.ca/

Bark and Fitz in Coal Harbour – http://www.barkandfitz.com

Pawsh Spa on Smithe, Downtown Vancouver – http://pawshdogspa.com/

Pet Shop Boys On Cambie at 15th – http://www.thepetshopboys.ca/

Some places groom cats too, just ask.

As soon as Sammy is back from the Cabin, I’m going to try one of these places and let you know. Before and after pics coming soon!!!


pet-spa Yuppy-Puppy-Pet-Spa-Boarding_154388_image.106184110_std 6a00e55194268288330162fff1e49e970d-pi



Charleson Park (False Creek)

Posted by avatar on April 13, 2014

Charleson Park in False Creek brings me back to my time in New York. This little parked tucked away in False Creek is so beautiful. You enter the park off Moberly Road, just off of 6th ave. You can miss it as the park sign is on the right hand side as you drive onto Moberly off 6th (so keep an eye open). There is plenty of parking as well. As you walk into this small forest area you can’t believe that this park is even here amidst all these residential condos. Its a narrow path that then leads you to this oasis that Huge Hefner would be envious of. There is a small grotto, with a beautiful waterfall. The off leash area is lined with beautiful Clematis, Jasmine  and huge Willow trees. The Dogs went nuts! They ran around met some new friends and dove into the water. You can just relax, bask in the sun, while sitting on a rock and watch them all run around having fun. After the dogs had their fun we decided to take a walk down to the Seawall. Depending on where you want to go, the Seawall can take you to Granville Island and or to Science world. As you’re walk along the Seawall you come across birds loving the area ponds, beautiful trees and happy smiley people. I give this park 10 out of 10, a must see if you live in Vancouver. If you’re a visitor this place will make you fall in love with Vancouver, regardless if you have a dog or not.



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Fostering (how do you not get emotional)

Posted by avatar on April 5, 2014

For many years I have seen posts from rescue groups needing a foster home. Every post I thought to myself man I really wish I could help. Having 2 dogs already  you worry if you make the commitment to foster how will your dogs deal with a new strange dog. Recently I said what the heck let’s do it! I saw a post on Facebook from a rescue group based out of Europe, needing a foster home for a dog here in Vancouver. I wrote on their wall saying I could help. Literally 5 min later a friend cross posts the same thing and I tell her I wrote on their wall stating I could help but no one replied yet. She says hold on I will contact them. Turns out my friend knows the person who runs Let’s Adopt Global from Turkey (small world). A day later they came to our house met with us and Sammy and Jake too of course and the next morning Dennis arrived. Sammy took to Dennis right away but Jake not so much. You see Jake being older and wants to heard and be the man of the house, he simply has no interest in Dennis. Jake has always been a only child kind of dog. It’s been a week now and Dennis is starting to settle in and He is so great! Now being a HUGE animal lover, I know realize that this maybe harder then I thought on an emotional level. I know he will find a great home and I hope he finds one in our neighborhood. It’s going to be hard to say good bye

Dennis has a bit of a past and if you want to know more about that please email me. I don’t want to say ill things about his previous owners on the WEB.

Dennis is 6 yrs old

Havanese breed we suspect. I would say he is a small/med size dog. He is super mellow, loves other dogs, people, kids, don’t know about cats. He would be best with a retired couple or with someone(s) that at least one person is home. Or someone who wants a second dog. He does not like to be left alone for too long. Oh and he will need to be groomed.

Dog Breed
  • The Havanese, a breed of Bichon type, is the national dog of Cuba, developed from the now extinct Blanquito de la Habana. The Blanquito descended from the also now extinct Bichon Tenerife.
  • Mass: 4.5 – 7.3 kg (Adult)
  • Temperament: Playful, Gentle, Responsive, Companionable, Intelligent, Affectionate
Height: 23 – 27 cm (Adult, At the withers, Breed standard), 22 – 29 cm (Adult, At the withers)



Macdonald Beach Park (Airport)

Posted by avatar on March 30, 2014

WOW what a miserable day we had here today but me and the boys headed out to another Dog Park anyways. MacDonald beach located by the Vancouver Airport. This beach runs along the beginning part of the Fraser River. You can do the trail walk or the River walk. We chose the River walk, maybe next time we will do the trail. The wind and rain were very strong today so we were alone for most of the walk but soon ran into other die hard dog walkers. This park hosts a lot of dog walking companies and one of my favorites called Ruff Stuff. Sammy and  Jake LOVED chasing each other around even though it was COLD and RAINING. Up and down the logs they ran. I think on a sunny day this place would be even better. The River walk is not that long but if you’re lucky and get to catch up with other dogs then its so worth it. Watching them chase each other all of the beach is quite a giggle. This Beach is rated a 5 and I would also rate it a five. This is a great off leash park for the dogs to run…and is very dog friendly.



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Fraser Foreshore Park

Posted by avatar on March 25, 2014

I love this park or shall I say pathway. Located at the bottom of Byrne Road in Burnaby BC. This park’s pathway takes you along the Fraser River for 3.9 km. If you’re a bird watcher or photographer, you would love this place even more. As you walk along the path with the old huge willow tress above you cascading into the river you feel like you have left the city behind. The people you meet are super friendly and there are a lot of people walking their dogs. I even saw a girl walking her cat…thank gawd I saw her before Jake did or he would have jetted after the Black feline. There are great places to picnic along the way. Watch for the signs that dogs are not allowed in the picnic areas but if your dog(s) are on a leash that’s fine. Sammy and Jake loved taking pit stops along the way to go have a dip in the water.  It’s a nice walk not a hike you could go back and forth if you wanted more exercise for you and your pooch. I would suggest checking this area out now before the summer months as I have a feeling it will be packed on those hot days. Oh and bring a towel your dogs will get dirty 😀


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