Cat Scratch Fever!

Posted by avatar on January 28, 2014

Cat’s like to scratch like a dog likes to sniff. So what is the best way or item a cat owner can buy to help their feline friend get their scratch on! So I went searching.

Note #1 – The scratch post/item needs to meet the cats needs not yours. Meaning if it looks pretty to you, your cat may not care less. If the post/item is being used by the cat but is ugly…well then it’s an ugly item that will be in your living room. Not hidden in the corner where your cat can’t get at. That’s why  your cat right now is needing it’s claws into the arms of your favourite couch still.

Note #2 The post/item also needs to have a rough texture and Sisal seems to be the best bet.  If the post is covered in carpet, chances are all that will happen is that kitty’s nails will get stuck in the carpet loops. That’s a sure way to drive him back to scratching on your sofa again. Cardboard is also a winner with some cats. Cats like posts that are all, they like to claw climb at the same time. So the higher/taller the post the more fun your cat will have.

Note #3 Most of all NEVER declaw your cat. The research says to be patient and try a couple of post and eventually they will start to use them.  When you’re home a spray bottle with water is also good to stop them from clawing your furniture. There are so many website’s for Cat Scratcher’s, even cardboard scratchers are cool.

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