Cat vs Dog attitude!

Posted by avatar on February 16, 2014

It still perplexes me the Cat vs. Dog attitude. Jake LOVES chasing cats ….like LOVES. So the other day we are in the park and this bruiser of a cat come waltzing into the park. It was suddenly like the the world stopped for the dogs…Clint Eastwood (I’m giving the cat this name) keeps walking into the park whilst the dogs just stop in their tracks staring wagging their tails, like ewww lookie what we have here.  Out of the gate runs Jake full bore towards the cat..FULL TILT BOOGIE! Clint Eastwood stops and poof goes its tail, up goes its back. Jake running full tilt tackles the cat. Clint takes his catboy stance and scratches the shit out of Jake’s faces. Jake then runs away whaling like a baby. Clint the cat still with poof tail and arched back looks towards the other dogs 3 (including Jake), like who’s next. They watch Jake whimper and rub his nose into the grass and immediately they tuck their tails under themselves, and cower. Clint the cat continue to walk on like the winner he is. As the cat continues on the dogs watch with such intense I don’t want to get hurt look, all you can do is laugh. Dog survived, Cat definitely survived. Did Jake learn his lesson HELL no! Will he chase after a cat again HELL yes. Clint the Cat won and I admire the tenacity of Clint the cat….I wish I had that kind of hutzpa.

I decided to do some research to see if indeed there was some kind of history, theory behind the cat and dog relationship and I found really nothing. I did find that there are more dogs and cats that live harmoniously. I think that some dogs like the chase 😀

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