Charleson Park (False Creek)

Posted by avatar on April 13, 2014

Charleson Park in False Creek brings me back to my time in New York. This little parked tucked away in False Creek is so beautiful. You enter the park off Moberly Road, just off of 6th ave. You can miss it as the park sign is on the right hand side as you drive onto Moberly off 6th (so keep an eye open). There is plenty of parking as well. As you walk into this small forest area you can’t believe that this park is even here amidst all these residential condos. Its a narrow path that then leads you to this oasis that Huge Hefner would be envious of. There is a small grotto, with a beautiful waterfall. The off leash area is lined with beautiful Clematis, JasmineĀ  and huge Willow trees. The Dogs went nuts! They ran around met some new friends and dove into the water. You can just relax, bask in the sun, while sitting on a rock and watch them all run around having fun. After the dogs had their fun we decided to take a walk down to the Seawall. Depending on where you want to go, the Seawall can take you to Granville Island and or to Science world. As you’re walk along the Seawall you come across birds loving the area ponds, beautiful trees and happy smiley people. I give this park 10 out of 10, a must see if you live in Vancouver. If you’re a visitor this place will make you fall in love with Vancouver, regardless if you have a dog or not.



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