Crab Park

Posted by avatar on January 8, 2014

Crab Park situated in the downtown lower east side, is a really cute surprise. The off leash area is at the east side of the park (not very large), but your dog can get the best of both water and grass worlds here. It’s a very small park packed with stunning views of the North Shore Mountains, Downtown and the Port. This park is great for a stroll or a dog who likes to chase the ball. It’s small so there is not much running area for humans, but great if you meetup with other dogs.

History Fact: The park was opened in 1987, and was named Portside Park as suggested to the Park Board by the Vancouver Port Authority who rendered the land for park purposes through a long term lease. A neighbourhood park committee- Create A Real Available Beach (CRAB) was active in supporting this greenspace and in 2004 and it was at that time the name was changed to CRAB Park at Portside.



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