Dangerous Foods and Houshold Plants for Cats and Dogs

Posted by avatar on January 6, 2014

Plants and food that are harmless to humans can make your pet sick and in some cases be lethal to them. If you have a moochie Cat or Dog like I do, you could accidentally give them something from your plate that could make them very sick. Maybe even some of you found yourselves with a pet who had a very poopie butt over the holidays. As friends and family visited for dinner parties or festive get together’s, they may have slipped your pet a little treat. Or did you just adopt a new Cat or Dog and don’t understand why they’re getting sick sometimes.

Below are lists of foods and plants to avoid either feeding or having in your home and a link to an Emergency clinic in Vancouver. Please check your area for 24/7 Emergency vets close to you. http://www.animaler.com/


Danger Foods SpringSummerAwareness


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