Dog Blindness

Posted by avatar on December 3, 2014

Back in March of 2014 we decided to foster a lovely 6 year old dog named Dennis. His former owner had given him up because he was showing signs of blindness. As we fostered him his sight became much better and soon he was on the mend. Vet’s concluded that it was a mystery that he had his sight back and there were no guarantee’s that it would not be lost again. You see Dennis was diagnosed with Canine Encephalitis, sometimes caused by tick/mosquito bites. This diagnoses was also a best vet guess and was not concluded as Dennis was a mystery to them.

Cut to present day  after 10 months, Dennis is loosing his sight again and this time it is seeming permanent. Dennis takes it in stride and is still as happy as ever. The other dogs can sense a change in him and at times are a bossy to him but they still help him when he get’s stuck walking around, bumping into trees :). We do our best to ensure he has the best next 6 + years.

I’m writing this to let people who maybe in the same situation to not give up hope and to be patient. A dog loosing their sight does not warrant to put them down. It just means re configuring you house a bit. Other then that, their day to day routine get’s easier as they adapt to their newly loss of a Sense. Salmon Oil and high quality food with a moderate protein count helps. We also feed him dried Sardines, which he just loves.


Dennis modeling a Sammy and Stone Bed


The cutie pie before we decided to keep him – AKA Lumpy Stumps 🙂

photo 1

The Dried Sardines


Out for a walk