Dog Groomers

Posted by avatar on April 15, 2014

How do you find a good dog groomer. Its like finding a good Vet. One you trust. One you like the cut they give your dog. One you know your dog is safe with. With all these media clips of groomers treating dogs poorly it makes you wonder?

I bought clippers myself years ago for Jake because Jake gets too hot in the summer and he needs to have his hair cut or he just can’t bear the summer heat. When we adopted Sammy I  gave him a groom but I am terrible at it. Sammy needs a professional where Jake just needs a buzz cut. I started my search and asked people at the doggy parks where they took their dogs and I was a slightly surprised.

SPCA on East 7th was one that alot of people seem to use – http://www.spca.bc.ca/

Bark and Fitz in Coal Harbour – http://www.barkandfitz.com

Pawsh Spa on Smithe, Downtown Vancouver – http://pawshdogspa.com/

Pet Shop Boys On Cambie at 15th – http://www.thepetshopboys.ca/

Some places groom cats too, just ask.

As soon as Sammy is back from the Cabin, I’m going to try one of these places and let you know. Before and after pics coming soon!!!


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