Fraser Foreshore Park

Posted by avatar on March 25, 2014

I love this park or shall I say pathway. Located at the bottom of Byrne Road in Burnaby BC. This park’s pathway takes you along the Fraser River for 3.9 km. If you’re a bird watcher or photographer, you would love this place even more. As you walk along the path with the old huge willow tress above you cascading into the river you feel like you have left the city behind. The people you meet are super friendly and there are a lot of people walking their dogs. I even saw a girl walking her cat…thank gawd I saw her before Jake did or he would have jetted after the Black feline. There are great places to picnic along the way. Watch for the signs that dogs are not allowed in the picnic areas but if your dog(s) are on a leash that’s fine. Sammy and Jake loved taking pit stops along the way to go have a dip in the water.  It’s a nice walk not a hike you could go back and forth if you wanted more exercise for you and your pooch. I would suggest checking this area out now before the summer months as I have a feeling it will be packed on those hot days. Oh and bring a towel your dogs will get dirty 😀


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