Fraser River Off Leash Dog Park

Posted by avatar on May 27, 2014

Fraser River Park is an adorable off leash park. It’s located in the up scale neighborhood of Shaughnessy. As you walk along the paths on one side is the Fraser River, the other is lined with large beautiful homes. You can park your car/truck in the parking lot which overlooks a large park area. Once you walk towards the river from the parking lot you will see the paths that will take you down to beaches. The walkways are lined with beautiful blooming trees this time of year. The dogs loved coming across the beaches where we met up with other friendly dogs and their owners. Follow the paths going east and you will come across an area that explains the history of the park (a must see). This would be a great place to go for a picnic and take the dogs. The sun was hot and glorious when we were there.

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