Grass for the LOVE of Grass

Posted by avatar on March 21, 2014

No not that kind of grass silly…Grass, the type that grows on your lawn or in the park. Why do Dogs and Cats like to eat grass? Jake likes to eat grass and throws up, Sammy eats grass all the time and never throws up. There is not that much info on Domestic cats and dogs, other then saying they may have an upset stomach but that’s not always the case either. They also found that wild Cats and Wolves in nature are known to eat grass and plants, 2% to 74% of their poop shows grass. So why do they eat grass? Some say they like to clean out their digestive track. Some say their food has not enough vegetable base. Some say they just like the taste. This is why some dogs and cats throw up after eating grass and some don’t. Eating grass is more prominent in dogs then cats, that’s because felines are more sophisticated :D. Bottom line of this million dollar question is it safe. The answer is YES! Regardless if your dog or cat throws up after they eat grass it is safe. It is actually believed that this grass eating trait was handed down from their ancestors the Wolf and Cougar. The only warning I would state is be sure the lawn your dog/cat is mowing down on has not been recently sprayed with any kind of pesticide. This could make them seriously sick. These days people have to display a sign stating that they have sprayed their lawn. Just be aware.

1083559.large dog-eating-grass jiu_rf_photo_of_cat_eating_grass my_weird_dog_eating_grass_by_lapetitebelge-d3kyc66