Jake (AKA Romeo)

Posted by avatar on February 25, 2014

I few of you have been asking me to give you more info on Sammy and Jake, since they are obviously featured in my blogs.

The story Jake. I adopted Jake in Jan of 2004 from the SPCA in Vancouver, he was 5 months old. He was in a cage with a very upset Basset Hound and was licking the Basset hounds head to make he/she feel better. He was in the first cage and his shelter name was Romeo. I whispered to him “I have to give the other dogs a chance” and turn to a look at the other cages I walked around looking at all the sad doggy faces and wished I could adopt them all. As I  walked back towards Romeo’s cage, Romeo started to walking wagging his tail towards me and and licked my hand (tears) LOVE. I walked up to the front and handed in two names because I did feel I had to give other dogs a chance. The SPCA worker says well Suzie needs a lot of training, Romeo is a great dog and I think a better suit for you. She then let’s me take Romeo for a walk. He was just so perfect and I couldn’t  think that I would not leave without him and I did!. AS we got int my car I looked at him, me a single girl said..geesh i can’t keep your name. I looked at him and the first name that came to my mind was Jake. This Dog is the most amazing dog. Smart, independent, and Handsome :D. He has been my rock through single times, marriage, and so much more. I want to clone him. More to come stay tuned!


DSC02261 DSC02361 photo-44Jake as a PUPPY