Lets Talk Food

Posted by avatar on December 10, 2013

Dog and Cat food….we are inundated with commercials asking us to make the right choices by buying their food.  And most commercial dog/cat food is really bad for their health. Being cheap and convenient at the grocery store may be appealing but if your dog get’s sick the VET bill will out weigh the cost of the cheap food you just bought.

There are some great local pet store’s that sell really good pet food and guess what….they actually care about your dog/cat’s health. These shops can help with your animals finicky eating,  allergies or recent diagnosis. Most even give you samples to make sure your animal will like the food before you go buying a huge case of it.

Tisol is my favourite but I don’t know if they are located across Canada. http://www.tisol.ca/

Bosleys food is also good. http://www.bosleys.com/

Cat and Dog shop located in Kitsalano. The lady there is a bit eccentric but she really cares about your pet. http://www.catanddogshop.com/

I would look on line or go to a Pet Food store (that is not a Pet Smart) and ask the clerks to help you find the right food for your dog. Oh and don’t be shy to ask for samples.

Vegan friends – here are some great Vegan options for your animals.




Treats we all know how they LOVE their TREATS! 😀

Please stay away from products from China. Read your labels, if any of what you’re reading seems fishy and it’s not fish then don’t buy it. There are so many local animal treat products that are made with high quality ingredients. And best of all, you’re supporting your local economy. Local products are little more expensive but again won’t make your dog or cat sick.

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