Macdonald Beach Park (Airport)

Posted by avatar on March 30, 2014

WOW what a miserable day we had here today but me and the boys headed out to another Dog Park anyways. MacDonald beach located by the Vancouver Airport. This beach runs along the beginning part of the Fraser River. You can do the trail walk or the River walk. We chose the River walk, maybe next time we will do the trail. The wind and rain were very strong today so we were alone for most of the walk but soon ran into other die hard dog walkers. This park hosts a lot of dog walking companies and one of my favorites called Ruff Stuff. Sammy and  Jake LOVED chasing each other around even though it was COLD and RAINING. Up and down the logs they ran. I think on a sunny day this place would be even better. The River walk is not that long but if you’re lucky and get to catch up with other dogs then its so worth it. Watching them chase each other all of the beach is quite a giggle. This Beach is rated a 5 and I would also rate it a five. This is a great off leash park for the dogs to run…and is very dog friendly.



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