Mcspadden Park East Vancouver

Posted by avatar on March 14, 2014

This cute little park located along Victoria Ave, just east of Commercial drive, is a great park for Family’s and Dogs. There is a small little play area for the kids,  tennis courts and a large wide park to throw the ball for the pooch. The people there are super friendly and so are the dogs. IF your dog has bad recall I would not suggest taking your dog off leash as this park is close to a main and somewhat busy street.

The surrounding neighborhood of East Vancouver is super cute. I just love the old homes that line the back end of the park. Jake LOVED it because I threw the ball for him. Jake is a ball obsessed dog but if he chases the ball to much he hurts later so we have to do it moderation now since he’s getting older. Sammy loved it to for the EAR DIVING into smelly goose poo and he like chewing on the grass. If you’re new to East Vancouver and have a family or a dog or both, check it out.


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