New furry member of the family (Dog)

Posted by avatar on June 10, 2014

YAY!!! You just got a new fur baby. I would do a lot of research on dogs and bringing them up so you can handle them until they die of old age. Remember this new furry friend is for 14 + years and not just for now. There are thousand of books but as a dog owner for years I would suggest  just a few tips as food for thought.

Crate training  – Look it up and learn more about BUT do not do it excessively, meaning leaving your dog in the crate for the whole day. This could lead to your dog having anxiety. It’s a great way to teach them to tell you when they have to go to the bathroom, stop them from peeing in your house during the night, teaches boundaries. And give them a safe place to go when they want to be alone. Get a nice bed in there so it super comfy for them.

Socialization – Socializing your dog is super key. I know at first if you have a very young pup you have to be sure they get all their shots before you go to the park. Also  if they are going into day care Kennel cough shots are a must. They will meet up with an ALPHA dog but if you are all nervous about it so will your dog. They can feed off of your energy so be calm when in a dog park and if there is an aggressive dog , then walk away to another area . You will get to know the owners of other dogs in your area so soon it will be a breeze to take your pup to the park.

Bones – To keep your new pup or even more adult dog from being bored and eating your shoes give them a bone when you’re out. They are sold in the frozen section of most pet food places DO NOT give them chicken or splintery type bones. Only buy raw or coked bones that are sold at the pet store. They keep your dogs brain moving and keeps them from being bored.

Out for too long – A puppy can’t be left alone for too long so 2 – 4 hours max and they need to have a good run in the morning and someone to come walk them in the afternoon and again at night. Left in a crate all day could give them major anxiety issues and that will be a problem that could take time or something they will never get over. If you plan on leaving your pup alone for too long, please don’t get one. Like a human the brain and characters are forming. They need to be loved, trained and kept busy.

Toys – Best toys are ones that can’t be destroyed your puppy will eat everything. No no cheap rubber toys made in china, no stuffy toys that they can rip apart and eat the stuffing out of, the fibers around a tennis ball. All of these can send your pup to the vet costing you BANK $$$$. There are great toys to ask about at Tysol. As your dog becomes more adult the more you can be leaneante on toys.

Food – Buy good CANADIAN products NOTHING FROM CHINA! GO, NOW and First Mate are great Canadian products that don’t have a HIGH protein. Too much protein can cause Death in a dog, so please watch out for how high your protein content is.

Harness – Buy a Harness for your pup, they are going to pull and a collar will only dig into their neck and it hurts.

Training – Go to training classes and enjoy them, so will your pup. Pet Smart has classes, Tysol has classes just look it up and always go to “Group” classes you and your pup get to socialize and train = FUN!

Most of all LOVE your new Pup.  Be Patient, and enjoy the new people you will meet 🙂