New York You’re SOOO Poopy!

Posted by avatar on October 19, 2013

The one thing I’ve noticed over the past few months, being in New York,  is that there is dog poop and or poop smudges all over the sidewalks of New York. I mean not everywhere  (for the most part people do pick up after their dogs) but yes there is an abnormal amount of Poop/Smudge bombs on sidewalks throughout the city. As I walk to work staring down at the sidewalk making sure I don’t step in any. I realized the reason why there’s an abnormal amount of poop/smudge bombs on the sidewalks, its because most public grass areas are off limits to Dogs and it’s such a concrete jungle, the dog parks for the most part are concrete as well. Some dog runs (see George’s Dog run Blog) are dirt. And with 2 out of 10 people being dog owners and most parks being too far away for a morning a poop…the sidewalk just gotta do. Being a dog owner I pick up and I hate it when some owners don’t and sometimes you can’t pick it all up…and when you can’t it will always remind me of New York.