Oh My You Have Stinky Breath

Posted by avatar on February 23, 2014

My Husband and I are always greeted in the morning by Sammy licking our faces. Sammy just waits for any movement to pounce on us. We love his morning ritual BUT man does he have stinky breath. Now I brush his teeth and even found an all natural Dog Mouth Spray at a dog show we went to last week. It does seem to work but spraying their mouths with it is not easy. My dogs act like I’m torturing them when i give them anything other then a treat. The smell I’m talking about here is a bit exaggerated as they don’t have any intestinal problems. And although they should have their teeth cleaned I do brush at least 3 times a week. I am hesitant to put them under for fear of them never waking. So I’ve decided I am going to try K9 gentle dental. I saw them at the dog show last week. Its a teeth cleaning with no anesthetic. I’m wondering if anyone has tried it?. Seems to be all the rage but what if your dog really needs serious dental work? They boast that its a highly trained vet tech who does it and can will let you know if the Dog  teeth or doable with no anesthetic. I wonder if this could apply to cats too? Well more research is needed and I will let you know how it goes…for now I’m off to spray their mouths 😀


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