Pacific Spirit Park (UBC)

Posted by avatar on February 4, 2014

Pacific Spirit Park sees an average of 360,000 dog visits per year. That’s a lot of dogs taking a sniff in this beautiful park. Nestled in the University Endowment Lands, West of the city and it’s HUGE!

The park has these  beautiful meandering trails for Runners, Bikers, Walkers, Horse Riders and Canines. As you walk along the trails under these massive tall trees you are just mesmerized by natures beauty. The Trees are so gorgeous, draped in moss, it’s such a wonderful sight.

It is also home to songbirds, woodpeckers, hawks, eagles, owls, jays, fox’s and coyotes. Small dog owners should be wary and put their dog on leash when an Owl is seen. The Coyotes are usually hiding  in the  dense forest areas. Always be a little more alert especially if you have a small dog.

Also make sure to remember what trail you’ve taken. Often times I have not paid attention and have had to walk a fair distance back to my car. You and your dogs will be pooped after an hour in this park beacuse there is just so much for you and them to check out.

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