Spanish Banks Off Leash Beach….FUN TIMES!

Posted by avatar on March 10, 2014

After a day of torrential rain pour yesterday is was so nice to see the sunshine again. Everyone was out walking and having wonderful smiles on their faces. I decided to head over to the off leash area of Spanish Banks. It’s located at the westerly tip of the Jericho/Spanish Banks area. Basically at the end of the vast sprawling beach side park. I usually drive to the East Jericho side and walk the dogs to Spanish banks because it such a beautiful walk. Once you get close to the off leash area you really can’t miss it because there are clumps of happy running, bouncing, waggly, dogs just so happy to be at the beach. Sammy LOVES to go into the water only once and usually as soon as we get to the beach. After that he’s running around in the sand with the other dogs. Jake wants to chase a stick but only goes in so far. Now that he’s a senior he really doesn’t like going to far into the water to chase the stick anymore. Soon the two of them are running around finding playmates. Today Sammy really liked this large Box/lab mixed dog named Cooper. But Cooper not so much into Sammy.

All in all we had a fabulous time and a lovely walk in the sun. I highly suggest going to Spanish Banks now before the summer months kick in and then it’s just WAY to slamming busy down there.


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