Spending One on One time

Posted by avatar on June 2, 2014

When you have more then 1 dog, it’s hard to divide your time. Even harder when one dog likes being the only dog. Now that we have 3, Jake really has a hard time sharing. So this weekend I decided to take him to the island to visit a friend and her son. Jake was super excited and knew exactly where we where going. When we arrived he leaped out of the car looking for my friend and her son. Licks and wags where a plenty and my friends son was super happy to see Jake. So for 2 solid days it was just Jake and I. He got to sleep with me (he can’t with D Dawg and Sammy already hogging the bed), he got all kinds of treats just to himself. He loved it so much it was no surprise once we got home he greeted by Sammy and D dawg with a growl. I feel for him because he is so an only child dog.

This morning was so cute though because Sammy missed Jake a lot and I watched Sammy inching his way closer to Jake, Jake ignoring one inch at a time.

Well back to a normal routine at our house…Growls a plenty.

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