The Dyke in Maple Ridge

Posted by avatar on June 5, 2014

Summer is here! What a beautiful day to go visit a friend who lives in Maple Ridge BC. After our visit I decided to take the dogs to the Dyke. It was so beautiful..The Dyke path that we walked along runs through some vast farmland with gorgeous mountain views. There was a lot of horse poop so I would imagine people take their horses down this same trail so just be on the look out. As you walk along the dyke you can hear this weird bird or frog noise…Not really sure but it was definitely coming from the lily pads in the Dyke. The dogs found a little pond and took a dip to cool off and then off course they ran down the dusty path to rub their wet furry bodies into horse poop and dirt, OH MY!. We only came upon 2 other dogs and their owners seem friendly but who can be grouchy on such a beautiful summers day.


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