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Spanish Banks Off Leash Beach….FUN TIMES!

Posted by avatar on March 10, 2014

After a day of torrential rain pour yesterday is was so nice to see the sunshine again. Everyone was out walking and having wonderful smiles on their faces. I decided to head over to the off leash area of Spanish Banks. It’s located at the westerly tip of the Jericho/Spanish Banks area. Basically at the end of the vast sprawling beach side park. I usually drive to the East Jericho side and walk the dogs to Spanish banks because it such a beautiful walk. Once you get close to the off leash area you really can’t miss it because there are clumps of happy running, bouncing, waggly, dogs just so happy to be at the beach. Sammy LOVES to go into the water only once and usually as soon as we get to the beach. After that he’s running around in the sand with the other dogs. Jake wants to chase a stick but only goes in so far. Now that he’s a senior he really doesn’t like going to far into the water to chase the stick anymore. Soon the two of them are running around finding playmates. Today Sammy really liked this large Box/lab mixed dog named Cooper. But Cooper not so much into Sammy.

All in all we had a fabulous time and a lovely walk in the sun. I highly suggest going to Spanish Banks now before the summer months kick in and then it’s just WAY to slamming busy down there.,-123.234437&spn=0.008456,0.018003&client=safari&oe=UTF-8&hnear=Jericho+Beach&gl=ca&t=h&z=16

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Lynn Headwaters BC = Paradise

Posted by avatar on February 22, 2014

Lynn Headwaters is a piece of Paradise! Located on the North Shore in Vancouver BC, it’s home to one of the most amazing trails. For those of you who don’t like the climb of a hike this is the perfect place. You have the option to take a nice long straight away. Or you can find an hiking trail that takes you to the upper level and back down, reconnecting onto the straight path. The dogs just LOVE it here. So much to smell, seek, chase, and of course pee on. You do need to be aware of the warning signs of Bears, Cougars and Coyotes, which is usually posted at the beginning of your trail walk/hike. Walking along the straight wide path, you take in the huge tree’s and breath the wonderful smelling fresh air. The path winds with the river and it’s so glorious. During the winter months there are not as many people or shall I say tourists. This time of year there are more locals who are really into fitness. The Summer months this area is packed with tourist, families and the locals. On a sunny day it’s an overload of mother earth and how truly blessed we are to be able to experience her glory. For those of you who are not from Vancouver and would like to visit, please take the time to see this area, you will not be disappointed.,-123.020697&spn=0.030805,0.072613&hnear=Lynn+Headwaters+Connector,+North+Vancouver,+British+Columbia+V7K&t=m&z=14

Directions HWY 1, take Lynn Valley Exit. Take Lynn Valley Road all the way NORTH till you hit a 3 way stop (corner store on your left) and keep going straight. There is a T in the road, stay to the left. Follow road to parking. You can try and get parking at the end of the road, if that’s full there are 3 other parking lots.

*Note – You can also get some of the freshest Spring water in the world 😀

Hope you enjoy the pics, Jake, Sammy and I tried our hardest to capture the beauty of this beautiful place.

image-34 image-33 image-32 image-31 image-30 image-29 image-28 image-27 image-26







Quarry Rock – Baden Powel Trail

Posted by avatar on February 7, 2014

I’m a bit ashamed to say as a dog owner that I just discovered this amazing trail. A friend and I went there this week, she had been there before and I was blown away. Just amazing! It is a hiking trail so be warned there is a lot of upward climb but the pay off is at the top when you reach the rock. WOW! is all I could say. A very old quarry once stood there many years ago and now is home to hikers and sightseers. Depending on how fast of a upward hiker you are, it can take about an hour to hike up and and 1/2hour down. There were Mommy groups, Retired folks and Dogs all taking this wonderful trail. On a Gorgeous Vancouver day this is a must for you to check out. Oh and don’t forget to have a look at the lovely restaurants and shops of Deep cove.,+North+Vancouver,+Greater+Vancouver,+British+Columbia&t=m&z=14


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Pacific Spirit Park (UBC)

Posted by avatar on February 4, 2014

Pacific Spirit Park sees an average of 360,000 dog visits per year. That’s a lot of dogs taking a sniff in this beautiful park. Nestled in the University Endowment Lands, West of the city and it’s HUGE!

The park has these  beautiful meandering trails for Runners, Bikers, Walkers, Horse Riders and Canines. As you walk along the trails under these massive tall trees you are just mesmerized by natures beauty. The Trees are so gorgeous, draped in moss, it’s such a wonderful sight.

It is also home to songbirds, woodpeckers, hawks, eagles, owls, jays, fox’s and coyotes. Small dog owners should be wary and put their dog on leash when an Owl is seen. The Coyotes are usually hiding  in the  dense forest areas. Always be a little more alert especially if you have a small dog.

Also make sure to remember what trail you’ve taken. Often times I have not paid attention and have had to walk a fair distance back to my car. You and your dogs will be pooped after an hour in this park beacuse there is just so much for you and them to check out.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5,-123.221927&spn=0.015434,0.036306&t=m&z=15






Trout Lake!

Posted by avatar on January 28, 2014

A little History on Trout Lake located in the Heart of East Vancouver.

The park was one of Vancouver’s first lumbering operations in the late 19th century. The Hastings Sawmill was owned by John Hendry and the lake was the water source for the mill.In 1926, Hendry’s daughter, who was married to the governor of the province, Eric Hamber, donated the mill property to the Park Board with the condition that it be named after her father.In 1963 the Grandview Community Center, located near Victoria Drive, was constructed. The community center was later renovated in 1977 and renamed Trout Lake Community Centre.In 2010 the new ice rink and renovations were completed for the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games, as the figure skaters training venue, with finances of $13.15 million from Vancouver’s Park Board. $2.5 million from Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympics (VANOC) and $250,000 from the Grandview Community Association. However, the real cost of the ice rink is estimated at 15.9 million.

Its a great park for  dogs but has strict on/off leash areas. I would also suggest you hose your dog down when you get home as the lake over the years has a lot of Bird poo. In summer months this can make for a very stinky dog.  If your dog is like mine. you’ll find them chasing the ducks and squirrels of the park. All in all I think this is a great park!

image(6) image(4) image(2) image(3)Trout dog


Gonzales Beach, Victoria BC

Posted by avatar on January 23, 2014

WOW! Gonzales Beach is beautiful! When I lived on the island many moons ago I use to come to the beach to chill. A decade later to took Jake and Sammy there while I was visiting a friend who is so lucky to live so close to such beauty. The beach is shaped like a horse shoe and though not a long run for the dogs but long enough for them to chase the ball, take a dip in the ocean and meet up with other dogs to romp with. The houses that line the beach are just gorgeous and many have very interesting driftwood fences a must see for the photographer in you.

The dogs had a blast meeting new dogs and romping in the sand. I’m sure during the summer months this beach is packed with beach goer’s and I don’t know if your pooch can go off leash during this time. If you’re thinking of visiting the island or you just moved there with your pooch, this is a must visit beach.

photo 5photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1

Gonzales Beach



Sooke BC or Bust

Posted by avatar on January 22, 2014

We just got back from a little weekend getaway to Sooke, BC. We usually go there twice a year to see my really close Friend and her Son. They live right on the ocean, with breath taking views of the local beach. Sammy and Jake just love it there.

The one thing Sammy and Jake love is ear diving into smelly fish..YUCK! Then they stink the guest house up with such an awful smell. This year I decided to bring some essential oils, Lemon Eucalyptus to help kill the icky smell of dead fish off of their fur. It seemed to work…They really needed a bath but being at someone else’s house I didn’t want to use their towels etc. The essential oil was a a good alternative and really helped masks the smell.  I’m not suggesting to the world that they should do this, I’m just sharing my story of how it worked for me. Not all dogs like the strong smell of essential oils. It’s good though to keep something with you that your dogs can tolerate the smell of for that time when you really need it 😀

If you’re into camping and taking your pooch along I would suggest French Beach and or Jordan River for a little getaway. If you’re looking for a B&B and or Hotel, check out this site.,35.619167&sspn=0.010954,0.013797&t=h&hnear=Jordan+River,+Capital,+British+Columbia&z=14


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That Park close to home (the weather is awful)

Posted by avatar on January 12, 2014

Rain RAIN RAIN! You get use to it here in Vancouver and I would rather the rain over shoveling snow. I do however want those cold crisp sunny days back. This rain can make you unmotivated. I wanted to share a park that I call my unmotivated park, meaning it’s easy to get to and the dogs love it. Situated along Prior in a small little wedge of Downtown called Strathcona. The park is really large, spreading across 3 large blocks Raymur, Campbell and Hawks.

The side of the park that is closest to Hawks is a very large off leash area and that is great if your dog is ball obsessed, lots of room to through the ball. There are a lot of people who use the park but if your dog is not into being around other dogs there is a perfect place to walk your dog off leash around the back end of the park (large track area) closest to Raymur. This park has room for all Dog personalities.

Do be careful though your dog needs to be on leash traveling from the Hawks side (west)  to the Raymur side (east)…Sometimes there is a annoying city person wanting to hand out tickets to make sure you dog is on a leash and has a license. They are obvious though in their bright colored vest ;). I love watching them trying to give out tickets and seeing people see them first and pull out all their Doggy poop bags and make a leash haha!

The downside to this park is the occasional city person, and the disregard for the park as some people like to break bottles under the Begoda. Best to keep your dog away from that area to avoid getting their paws cut,  keep them on the grass.

A HUGE plus side of this park is the Union Market, Benny’s and the Wilder Snail and Finches Tea House. Where you can sit outside have a coffee/tea, sandwich and enjoy a lazy rain day with your Doggy, that’s the BEST part of East side living, Rain or Shine :D.,-123.084674&ll=49.275281,-123.084683&spn=0.00427,0.009141&t=h&z=17

photo 3


photo 1


HWY Pee Break!

Posted by avatar on December 5, 2013

New Brighton Park. Just off the #1 HWY, coming West it’s the McGill exit and take the first set of lights, turn right. Coming East along McGill, towards HWY#1 take the last set of light before you hit the HWY just after the PNE, turn left.

It’s a great place for a pit stop dog walk before going on or coming from a long road trip or make it apart of one of your furry friends favourite places. Located on the water you have a wonderful open park area and some water fun. Although there is a sign that dogs are not allowed on the beach. During the Spring, Fall and Winter months when there are fewer people around you can sneak a little ball toss in the water for them 😉

The Summer is a super busy time for this park as it also has a public pool so walk times are better in the summer  months early morning or  later evening.

The views of the North Shore from this park are amazing. Well ok there is a bit of industry but it seems to be masks by the beauty of the North Shore Mountains.

Its not a large park, but you can do loops to poop the furry beasts. Enjoy the pics!,-123.038163&spn=0.008537,0.018282&client=safari&oe=UTF-8&t=h&z=16&iwloc=A







photo 1photo NB1photo 3


Hadden Park Kits Beach

Posted by avatar on December 2, 2013

Jake and Sammy love this beach…Just love it! Situated in the trendy Kitsalano area of Vancouver.  Kits Point by the Maritime Museum. Its an off leash beach park that is loads of fun for the dogs. If your dog loves the water, they will just flip over this beach. Rain or Shine you will find friendly dogs bouncing and playing in the sand and water.,-123.152513&ll=49.275351,-123.152511&spn=0.003019,0.00457&t=h&z=18